495: How to Power up Your Practice by Harnessing Your Happiness First | Dr. Fern White

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Show Notes

What is it like to escape as a refugee, build a life from scratch, and eventually knock down the doors of dental success? In an honest, heart-to-heart conversation, Dr. Fern White doesn't hold back, unveiling her unique childhood, the influence of her hardworking parents, and her journey towards becoming a respected dentist in Australia. Her story is a testament to the extraordinary power of resilience, adaptability, and enduring passion.

Yet, the road to success isn't typically linear, is it? There are detours of struggle, self-doubt, and immense pressure that often lead to a moment of crisis. Dr. Fern faced these challenges head-on, ultimately reevaluating her definition of success, and embracing a healthier, more balanced approach to life and work. This personal transformation not only improved her own life, but also ignited a passion within her to extend help to her peers. From pulling her siblings' teeth due to financial necessity, to leading a revolution of change within the dental profession, Dr. Fern's journey is nothing short of inspiring.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • The inspiring journey of a Vietnamese refugee to a successful dentist
  • How struggles and setbacks can redefine your outlook towards success
  • The importance of self-care and a balanced approach to life and work
  • Insights into the development of "Practice Your Passion" for dentists
  • Relatable advice for aspiring leaders and professionals in the dental industry

Take a journey through Dr. Fern White's life, from a courageous refugee to a respected dentist, and how she's changing the face of dentistry and inspiring others!

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Guest: Dr. Fern White

Business Name: Practice Your Passion

Check out Fern's Media:

Practice Your Passion: https://www.drfernwhite.com/learn-about-pyp

Website: https://www.drfern.co/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drfernwhite/

Email: fern@drfernwhite.com

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