493: Fear-Based Patients | How Can Our Team Inspire Them to Accept Treatment? | Dr. BJ Moorhead

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How did a small-town practice owner rise up to become a trailblazing figure in advanced dentistry? In this episode, we weave through the fascinating journey of Dr. BJ Moorhead, who started from modest roots to dominate the realm of patient-focused, anxiety-reducing dentistry. Discover how BJ nurtured his solo practice whilst teaching at an IV sedation program for dentists, embracing a forward-thinking dental care approach that centers on the patient's comfort and trust.

Find out how Dr. Moorhead triumphs in managing fear-based patients, stressing the significance of open-ended dialogue and giving patients their rightful control over their treatment decisions. We venture into his effective marketing strategies, demystifying his utilization of Google Ads and shedding light on why benefits reign over technical jargon in his promotional handouts. Our discussion concludes with BJ disclosing his three revolutionary tools and a wealth of advice for dentists facing adversity. This episode encapsulates insights and practical tips to nurture a thriving practice in today's modern world.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • The importance and implementation of open-ended patient dialogue
  • Crafting marketing strategies that prioritize benefits over technicalities
  • Dr. BJ's unique path towards success in advanced dentistry
  • Innovative tools and methodologies applied in Dr. Moorhead's practices
  • Engaging with fear-based patients and strategies to inspire their trust
  • Wisdom for overcoming hardships in your dental journey

Feel inspired? Don't miss out on this exciting journey! Tune in, uncover the secrets to growing a successful practice, and learn firsthand why patient comfort is the pinnacle of advanced dentistry.

Guest: Dr. BJ Moorhead

Business Name: StreamDent

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Website: https://www.streamdent.com/

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Phone: 502-509-1570

IV Sedation Training for Dentists: https://www.ivsedationtrainingfordentists.com/coaching

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