486: Ego-Free Zone | The Culture That Wins Patients | Dr. Liel Allon

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Ever wondered what it takes for a dental practice to thrive in a highly competitive market? Today's episode of The Dental Marketer gives you a golden opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of exactly that. Our special guest, Dr. Liel Allon, uncovers how the strategic location of her practice, along with a personalized and patient-centred approach, propelled her dental office to success in Houston, Texas. The engaging discussion opens up avenues to understand how walking the extra mile in patient care - such as explicit signage inviting walk-ins and personalized follow-up calls - can remarkably resonate with the public and help attract new patients.

However, it's not just about grabbing the attention of potential patients; the culture we cultivate within our practice plays a critical role in our success. Dr. Allon reveals the underpinnings of their practice's culture, firmly rooted in an ego-free environment. A space where it doesn't matter who you are or what your official role is, everyone pitches in where they're needed, making for a resilient, versatile team. Trudging through unchartered territory while setting up her practice, she shares the hurdles faced, articulating that there are no mistakes, only lessons in the journey of entrepreneurship.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • The influence of strategic location and visibility in dental practice success
  • The impact of personalized follow-up calls on patient retention
  • The necessity of a cohesive and ego-free culture within the practice
  • Combatting challenges in setting up a practice
  • Learning valuable lessons from seemingly "mistakes"

So, take a step back, listen, and let Dr. Allon's wisdom and story help drive your dental practice to the next level!

Guest: Dr. Liel Allon

Practice Name: DentAllon Dentistry

Check out Liel's Media:

Website: https://www.dentallondentistry.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dentallon_dentistry/

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