48: Shauna Duty | The simple and strongly suggested online strategy to see remarkable new patients results

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It's episode 48! YEAH! I am so excited for you to listen to this episode (actually I am excited whenever you listen to any of The Dental Marketer's episodes) however in this episode my guest, Shauna, really breaks down for us the importance of blogging/ copy-writing on your website and not only that but she breaks down how Google and mainly all search engines work, how to work on the search engines side so it can favor your website, and how to do much more so you can actually see much more new patients coming through the door due to your website! I will be honest, after listening to this episode, I never knew exactly how much work goes into creating a blog and website that truly markets for you. You will hear how much work goes into constructing a remarkable blog post. It's not simple, it's not fast, but if done right it will produce AMAZING results.

Also we discuss what is one of the worst marketing techniques that some of you still may be doing. Marketing only starts to feel like a hassle whenever you feel like you do not know what you are doing. If you feel that way then that means the research has NOT been done, you don't have the perfect vision of what you customer looks like exactly, and you are using the wrong mediums to try and reach the potential customer. Now if you combine all three then you are totally not going to get the results you yearn for!

Shauna loves working with dentists and physicians! For years, she was the copy director at TNT Dental, a dental website and marketing company, then she ventured into a larger role in dental marketing as a partner at MDPM Consulting, a boutique-style dental marketing company that offered SEO and big-picture consulting.

Today, she founded at iDENTiwrite, and she is the copy director and lead editor to a team of wonderful dental copywriters and SEO experts who provide professional, keyword rich web copy, blogs, and quality content for dentists, and practice management companies. The company also build WordPress websites, and Shauna offers personalized marketing consulting for dentists and physicians.

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