43: Daniel O'Rourke | What's the next wave in dentistry for the public

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In this episode we share the viewpoint of a bioesthetic dental technologist. Daniel O'Rourke mentions what he believes may be the next wave that dentist will see more of a demand from the public... occlusion. If so, you better start your marketing strategies RIGHT NOW and make sure its CTA is revolved around occlusion. If not, STILL, why wouldn't you want more patients coming in for occlusion treatment and more?

We also discuss how the main problem for dentists may not be the fact that they can NOT attract the right quality new patient; the problem may be that the dentist is not looking hard enough into their ALREADY existing patient base and see that their patients need much more major work done. Sometimes we can get so caught up in attracting new patients that we forget about how much our existing patients need us without them realizing it yet. So maybe change yup your re-call scripts, send innovative marketing materials to these existing patients, or create a whole new marketing strategy for your re-calls and un-scheduled pending treatment. Be consistent with it.

Mr. O'Rourke has spent the past 35 years of his career devoting himself to the development of dental technology, and continues to be an advocate for higher quality dentistry for the betterment of the patient.

He has studied with some of the finest dental technologists and dentists in the world at institutions such as The Schuster Center for Professional Development, The Dawson Center and the Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry.

As one of only 11 Bioesthetic Dental Technologists in the World, Mr. O'Rourke has published numerous articles and has given lectures across the country, including a series at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.


The Texas Center For Occlusal Studies Website

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