422: Dr. Maria Cordero Ricardo | Philadelphia Pediatric Dentistry

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Guest: Maria Cordero Ricardo

Practice Name: Philadelphia Pediatric Dentistry

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Instagram: @phillypediatricdentistry

Host: Michael Arias

Website: The Dental Marketer

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My Key Takeaways:

  • Always strive to learn and improve. If you're doing things the exact same in 5 years, you may not be improving enough!
  • Diet is a core component of oral health. Be sure to communicate this to patients!
  • Having a separate consultation room to discuss treatment with parents is a great way to improve the experience for the child and their parent.
  • Try asking open ended questions to patients rather than having a yes or no checklist.
  • Always listen to what the patient is saying! Providing a personalized solution based on individual needs of the patient is important.
  • Try asking "how can I help you?" to angry patients. This will show them that you are calm and just trying to help them.

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