42: Dr. Bill Williams| How Ground Marketing provides easy and proven results

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In Episode 42 of The Dental Marketer podcast I talk with one of the pioneers of dental ground marketing. Now you all know I am a ground marketer and it's something I strongly preach but I want you all to see just exactly how this has worked for Dr. Williams. We dive into "guerrilla marketing". Where we discuss ways that are the most effective to market your dental practice with the lowest cost points possible. Dr. Williams discusses something called "overlapping curves", this is very important because this should be done in every marketing plan you implement. Also he gives you his marketing plan as well!

We look into the importance of knowing who you are marketing to. I can NOT stress enough that knowing your exact target market is crucial for marketing. You build a campaign around them, if you don't know your exact avatar (how your ideal patient looks and acts) then your marketing will be off.

Dr. Williams is the founder of Suwanee Dental Care and Solstice Dental Advisors.

He is The Atlanta cosmetic dentist with over 35 years experience in Implant and Reconstructive dentistry, Orthodontics and TMJ. He has the experience and knowledge to handle the most complex cases.

Dr. Bill Williams is also your coach to become a more productive dentist. He helps practices solve problems and grow through (1) Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Service and Implementation.

He has lead mission teams through Africa and Central America.



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