412: Dr. Brandon Prior | 100 West Dental

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Guest: Brandon Prior

Practice Name: 100 West Dental

Check out Brandon's Media:

Personal Instagram: @priordmd

Practice Instagram: @100westdental

Practice Facebook

Host: Michael Arias

Website: The Dental Marketer

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Join this podcast's Facebook Group: The Dental Marketer Society

My Key Takeaways:

  • We all focus on that one negative review, try recognizing the many positive reviews too!
  • In a saturated market, investing in a unique logo and brand can be a way to stand out.
  • The problem with comparing yourself to your peers is that it makes your goals a moving target. Strive to be better than YOU were last year!
  • Set goals in multiple areas of your life, such as your practice, exercise, and healthy eating.
  • The path is very defined progressing through school, but when you have your own practice, you have to make that next step yourself!

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