41: Debbie Zafiropoulos | How can knowing your "why" as a dentist provide tremendous success

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Tune into episode 41 to hear so many tactics that Debbie shares with you and why each tactic and script works or how you can make it work. However, before you jump into wanting hundreds of new patients and a great marketing strategy you need to figure out or know your why. Why do you do what you do for each of your patients? Not only is this important to figure out so you can mention it to your existing patient, but more than likely this will be your niche. You really have to be specific in figuring out your "why". Remember marketing is story-telling, and if the reasons you do things is to pay the bills but you tell your staff and your patients a lie like "I do this because I care about your oral health",,, it'll definitely show.

We also discuss some scripts you can say and some tactics you can use to make your video marketing and social media marketing ten times better and much more relatable to your community. Debbie also mentions to us what to do or say if a patient does not want to do oral cancer screenings and how we can increase this procedure in our dental practice.

Debbie is a tireless Pioneer Health Crusader, Educator & Author dedicated to Total Health Initiatives and Making Oral Cancer History. This passion drove Debbie to form the NationalCancerNetwork.org a 501(C)(3) whose vision is to raise awareness of prevention, progress, screening and referrals for a world free of a cancer. With over 27 years in the health industry and working with a variety of clients Debbie's laser focus and ability to get to the cause holding you back guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment to you is to ignite the hero within you!


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