405: Vanessa Emerson | So... You Think You Want to Speak in Dentistry?

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Guest: Vanessa Emerson

Business Name: The Dental Speaker

Check out Vanessa's Media:

Email: info@thedentalspeaker.com

Speaker Packet Examples

Dental Speaker Institute

Her Book: So... You Think You Want to Speak in Dentistry?

DSI Fellowship Curriculum: www.FDSICurriculum.com

3 Hour Workshop (to help you determine if speaking/consulting is right for you): www.SpeakInDentistry.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheDentalSpeaker

Host: Michael Arias

Website: The Dental Marketer

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My Key Takeaways:

  • Think about your life goals rather than business goals when contemplating being a speaker. It's not for everyone!
  • Be sure to have other revenue centers that your speaking leads to, such as courses, consulting, or a product.
  • Email campaigns are not dead! With proper click rate tracking, you will know what planners are really interested in having you speak.
  • Always have a strategy for your speeches. Positioning yourself as the expert and offering a solution to the attendee's pain points is most effective.
  • Learn directly from your audience and engage them during your speeches rather than just reading off of a PowerPoint.
  • Self sponsored workshops are a great way to promote your business and deliver direct information that is not dictated by a third party.

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