39: Dr. Allison White | Find the exact new patients your dental practice wants

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In Episode 39 we break down how Dr. Allison White not only is a fantastic dentist for two thriving dental practices, but she also does the marketing for these dental practices. One of the most important things she mentions that we absolutely need to understand is finding your niche! No I don't mean "ok... I am a dentist... I work on teeth sooooo my niche is people who have teeth".

You need to find your target market. This is important because understanding the type of patient you want is EVERYTHING! A lot of the times we want absolutely any patient to come to our office and expect the new patient to almost immediately appreciate the treatment and care we provide. However, in order to market your dental practice you have to know and understand your dental practice! What type of dental practice do you want to be? What services do you NOT want to do or just NOT want to do. Choose the work that you love to do and have a passion for and the marketing becomes easier and more creative. This in return helps you to narrow down your niche and market to your target market.

We also share the number one piece of marketing advice that will LITERALLY immediately help your dental practice; I recommend you do it as soon as you finish listening to this episode!

Dr. White is known in her community for providing an exceptional patient experience. Her focus is on improving her community's overall well-being by providing preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. She is an experienced Preferred Provider for Invisalign and has strong connections with her patients. She works at Newton Centre Dental in Boston and also in Killingly, Connecticut with Dr. Kimbal Sheffield. Dr. White has been very involved with marketing and social media in both offices and I am very honored to have her on my show today to hear her professional opinions on providing gold standard care to patients and the ways she markets herself and her offices.




ALLISON WHITE'S EMAIL:awhitesmile14@gmail.com

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