38: Hassan Mushaid | How to use inbound marketing to grow your practice and see tremendous results

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Inbound marketing, how effective is it, and more importantly, what is it? Listen to how Hassan breaks down how you can benefit from inbound marketing. We all want new patients into our dental practice but there comes a time where we don't want just any new patient, we want specifics! I'm sure you rather have a patient who values what you tell them and appreciates your concerns for their oral health and also appreciates your time. Then you also have those patients who never show up, and when they do it's a the last minute and they want everything discounted, they neglect everything you tell them and just want a "cleaning" done that their insurance can cover 100%. Which patient would you rather have?

Inbound marketing is attracting the patients YOU WANT! Because why would you want to have customers shopping at your store and you don't even like that type of customer?! Set standards! You don't see every single type of customer (from homeless asking for change to millionaires) shopping at Gucci right? Create a culture, value, and information that reflects this and you will see a whole different type of new patient flow.

Take a listen to how Hassan and I break it down and show you how this can be done! Also listen to the one piece of advice that I personally loved and have been applying it this New Year!



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