36: Fatima Viqar | Two important tactics to start seeing results through social media

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In this episode of The Dental Marketer podcast we continue to discuss how important digital marketing can be if used correctly! So many times we tend to trust our digital marketing firm on doing most of the SEO/ SEM work for us but, are the results showing? How do you track them? Do you know where your marketing dollars are going? Time to find out!

Also we answer the question: Is SEO really as complicated as every marketer makes it out to be? Can you, the dentist/ business owner, do it on their own? This also has a lot to do with the digital marketing firm your hired. Are they constantly updating you with easy to understand information? You'll also hear the two main tactics you need to start doing to boost your presence in search engines and in social media as well. Now a days, social media plays a factor into your SEO and can possibly do more for you the n any other avenue of digital marketing.

Fatima is a TopDoc specialist, she is your first point of contact at TopDoc Dental Media Networks and is an integral part of a team that consists of an elite group of digital marketing specialist made up of advertising agency executives, PR professionals, software engineers, programmers, graphic designers, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) , social media strategists and an amazing copy writing team!


FATIMA VIQAR'S EMAIL: fatima@topdoc.ca

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