256: The Pediatric Dental Marketing Roundtable

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Guests: Minal Sampat, Dr. Neha Batra, Dr. Abhishek Bhaumik, Dr. Cavan Brunsden
Host: Michael Arias
Website: The Dental Marketer
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My Pediatric FAM!

I have joined forces with Pediatric Dental Hygienist and Marketing Strategist, Minal Sampat to combine our 20+ years of dental marketing experience to create an all-inclusive, no stone left unturned...


I am so excited to be sharing this with all of you!

In the course we have:

  • Twenty-three video learning units packed with only the best marketing strategies
  • Evergreen tactics that will work now and in the months and years to come (even through pandemics).
  • Social media tips, content calendar, contests, givebacks and more
  • Ground marketing strategies to create business relationships with schools, daycares and more
  • Downloadable worksheets and resources to start attracting new patients today
  • Monthly Office Hours, which are Live Q&A's so Michael and Minal can answer all of your questions and concerns
  • A community of other dentists and marketers who will help continually add insights, updates, and new strategies to this ever-growing course over time

....and we continue to add to it as well!

You can join our waiting list now or if you want more information on the course, click the link below.


Enrollment will open next week on the 8th and close on the 13th!

Click the link below to find out more!

Link - https://pediatricdentalmarketingcourse.com/

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