23: Dr. Ziv Simon | The powerful and proven way to increase brand-awareness

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In this episode of The Dental Marketer podcast we discuss one very, extremely important tactic that needs to be done when shouting your brand (and yourself) out to your community. This especially applies to you if you are a general dentist looking to get into the surgery field, or looking to increase your dental knowledge and become a specialist, or if you're already a specialist, so listen up!

So many times we hear that it is essential to educate the patient. This has been said in possibly every single piece of dental marketing material out there! BUT... what about educating your local dentists? Educating the local dentists in your community is not only a highly-effective way to increase your brand-awareness but it is also a way to increase new patient referrals and create pipelines. If you find dentists in your area who feel they know it all and do NOT want to be educated or feel they don't need it then... would you even want to work with someone like that?! So make it an effort to educate your local dentists about what you do, how you do it, and more. Network and you'll see not only will new patients start flowing in BUT you will increase brand-awareness and patients will start looking for you directly as well.

I have got to say I was extremely excited when I was able to book the Dr. Ziv Simon on The Dental Marketer podcast!

Dr. Simon maintains a private practice limited to periodontics, dental implants and reconstructive surgery in Beverly Hills, California. He has conducted advanced research on bone engineering and dental implants.

Dr. Simon is an active member of the American Academy of Periodontology, American Dental Association, and founder of the Beverly Hills Multidisciplinary Dental Study Group. He is also the vice president and program chair of the Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry. Dr. Simon has published several articles in professional journals and teaches at the School of Dentistry, University of Southern California. He has been featured on ABC's, Extreme Makeover, Tyra Banks Show, and the Home and Family Show on the Hallmark channel. Dr. Simon lectures nationally as well as internationally on smile design, implant dentistry and tissue reconstruction.

Dr. Simon has remarkable things coming for you and The Dental Marketer Tribe, so be one of the first to get the behind-the-scenes- inside scoop on what's to come! Click Dr. Simon's links below to find out.





SIMON'S SURGICAL MASTER FACEBOOK (Surgical training for dentists)



DR ZIV SIMON'S EMAIL: ziv@surgicalmaster.com

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