197: Nick Aquadro | What can you afford to cut out when it comes to IT services?

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Show Notes

Guest: Nick Aquadro
Business Name: Darkhorse Tech

Direct Phone Number: 518-588-4687

Check out Nick Aquadro's Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Key Points to look out for:

  • What you shouldn't cut corners on and what you can afford to cut corners on.
  • Why adding "personal touch" can create strong loyal patients and referrals.
  • Why dentists need more "positive press" and what that means for the general population.

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3. Managed Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Virus

4. Managed Firewall with Intrusion Prevention and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

5. Microsoft Office365 Encrypted Email System

6. Secure Remote Access with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

7. Full Computer Security and Update Management

8. Full Computer Monitoring and Activity Logging

9. Complete Office Vendor Management (we call your software/hardware providers for you)

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