174: Shane Simmons | The Type of Marketing That Intrigues Human Beings

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Guest: Shane Simmons
Practice's Name: Crimson Media Group

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Key Points to look out for:
  • How to get your patients to talk about your practice?
  • Are you posting on Facebook and Instagram wrong?
  • How are you telling your community that you are different, and can they tell that you TRULY are different?

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I am SO excited to share with you strategies and tactics on how to get into your local businesses, restaurants, schools, senior homes, corporations, medical facilities, gyms, coffee shops and more!

And not just get in these locations, but also ATTRACT new patients immediately from these locations!

I have put in soooo much work into this so that you can easily Ground Market in your community and see the results immediately!

You WILL see new patients come in immediately and consistently!

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