171: Ground Marketing to Senior Citizens

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In this episode I am speaking to you! It's just you and I, one on one... and I am covering this month's (October) topic which is: Ground Marketing to Senior Citizens!

Listen in as I tell you the exact script I teach and use in order to get INTO senior homes, independent living facilities, and luxury 55+ communities. Then I review the video I recorded for you (which you can find here) where I go into a Senior Home and set-up a small little "booth". In this video you are able to see me talking to the seniors and signing them up to visit our practice!

I also discuss in this episode some ESSENTIAL pointers you MUST keep in mind when marketing and talking to seniors. This is what will differentiate you from the other dentists down the street or even their "in-house" dentist! So make sure you are taking notes when you are listening to this episode!

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