157: Mike Buckner | Feeling like you're always needing new patients? Here's the problem...

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Guest: Mike Buckner
Business's Name: WEAVE

Media: Facebook

Host: Michael Arias
Website: The Dental Marketer
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Key Points to look out for:

  • How to personalize your engagement with your existing customers.
  • Why attracting new patients is not always the long term answer.
  • How to increase profits by improving engagement.

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Weave is a patient communication system that integrates all of your patient interactions in one convenient location.

Weave offers a phone system with smart pop-up notifications, two-way text messaging with patients, online reviews, missed call text messages, text to pay and much more.

We were able to work out a special deal with Weave for our listeners.

Go to try.getweave.com/dentalmarketer/ to schedule a demo and you will get:

- 50% off of the activation fee

- Up to 10 phones free!

Again, that is try.getweave.com/dentalmarketer/ for 50% off of the activation fee and up to 10 phones free.

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