148: Conner Ludlow | The Power of Website Chat

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Show Notes

Guest: Conner Ludlow

Business Name: CallForce Website Chat

Email: conner@getcallforce.com | Phone: 801.828.0689

Key Points to look out for:

  • Why is Website Chat so important.
  • Why do people mainly visit your website.
  • How can you bring in more new patients from your website.
  • Why replying immediately on website chat is so crucial.
  • Excellent, exceptional, and unforgettable customer service.

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Recall Service:

TDM Pricing: $0.00 set up fee and $25 per patient scheduled

Original Pricing: $299 set up fee and $30 per patient scheduled

Answering Service:

TDM Pricing: $0.00 set up fee and $100 of free service.

Original: $299 set up.

With the answering service you just pay cost per call.

Website Chat:

TDM Pricing: $0.00 set up fee and $149 a month

Original: $299 set up fee and $199 a month

and... as usual, there are no contracts attached to this service!

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