140: Cory Pinegar | Never Miss A New Patient

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In this episode we talk with our partners, Call Force, Cory Pinegar. This time we really get into the statistics of how often a dental practice misses phone calls during the day, how often a patient will likely leave a voice mail, what should you do before, how a practice can find out how many calls they are missing, and so much more!

In this episode we talk with the one and only:

Partners/ Guest: Cory Pinegar

Business Name: Call Force

Social Media: Facebook | Linkedin

Key Points to look out for:

  • During the day, how many calls are missed?.
  • The importance and MAJOR impact a single phone call can make.
  • How your Front Office should answer the phones.
  • How Start-Ups can save LOTS of money.
  • Figure out where your funnel is leaking first!

Let me know what your takeaways are!


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Recall Service:

TDM Pricing: $0.00 set up fee and $25 per patient scheduled

Original Pricing: $299 set up fee and $30 per patient scheduled

Answering Service:

TDM Pricing: $0.00 set up fee and $100 of free service.

Original: $299 set up.

With the answering service you just pay cost per call.

CallForce is a dental specific company that help practices pick up the phone when they can not.

Go to www.getcallforce.com or call 801.901.8852.

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