138: Dr. Sully Sullivan | Paying Your Employees Only Commission.

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Ok, we got Dr. Sully Sullivan, Dr. Richard Low, Sandy Pardue, and Dr. Ashley Joves all in one episode! Let's get into it! This episode was recorded at Voices of Dentistry. Now, if you don't know what Voices of Dentistry is then do me a favor and "Google it" that way you can attend next year and meet us all!:

Host: Michael Arias

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In this episode we talk with the one and only Millennial Dentist:

Guest: Dr. Sully Sullivan

Practice Name: Sullivan Dental Partners (Brentwood, TN)

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Dr. Sully Sullivan's Speaking Website | The Millennial Dentist Podcast

In this episode we pick Dr. Sullivan's brain on how he pays his employees. Get this, he pays them all by commission, from the assistants to the front office, everyone has a commission paid position. And it is brilliant. Listen in as Richard Low (from Shared Practices Podcast), Sandy Pardue (from Classic Practice Management), Ashley Joves (from Smile & Company) and I pick his brain, give him scenarios where this may or may not work, and how he runs his practice. Here are some key points you want to look out for:

  • How Sully is paying his whole team on commission.
  • How to add a team member with this type of pay structure (commission based).
  • Is your Front Office really overloaded and overwhelmed, or are they just making excuses?
  • Employees only put about 80%-85% effort in reality, how can you squeeze out a little more?
  • Start making your team have a "OWNER" type of mentality.
  • Patients buy what they want, not what they need.

Let me know what your takeaways are when you have finished listening to this episode and my question to you is:

How many team members (employees) do you have?



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