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In episode 130 we interview the wonderful Brian McCarthy! Brian is a long-time digital marketer, and he has become a professional at it! He started digital marketing back then when the internet was something new and shiny to talk about but he quickly transitioned to help out a company called Futuredontics!

Listen up as we discuss what Brian believes are some of the greatest things that are holding your new potential patients back from dentistry! We also discuss how to raise the profile in dentistry and the "abundance and scarcity mindset". I personally love this topic because we both know... if we are thinking there is a lot of competition in our line of business, then this means we are stuck in the scarcity mindset! How can we transition to the abundance? Tune in to find out!

We also discuss why you need to spend that extra moment to engage with you patients, what small things you can do that drastically can change your practice in a positive way, and why working together will make ALL OF US (in the dental field) stronger.


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