129: Charles Biami | Google Ad Words & New Implant Patients

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If you have ever thought about using Google for your attracting new patients to your practice then you MUST listen to this episode! Charles Biami is the founder of Driven Dental Implant Marketing. Many of you have heard of his company and the amazing results it is bringing dentists all across the country (United States). Just look at what dentists are saying about Driven Dental Implant Marketing's results:


SO how EXACTLY does Charles attract over 100 leads each month? And... these are not just general new patient leads, they are new patients who need dental implants! How is he doing it? Listen to the episode to hear his breakdown!

We also discuss how your patients can become your marketers and rave about your practice, if you should be doing Google AdWords on your own and how, and I get really nosey and ask numbers! How much money is each lead, that Driven brings in, paying or putting down? How many leads are REALLY coming in, and more!

If you are interested in Driven Dental Implant Marketing's services feel free to click the link below and be sure to mention that you heard about them on The Dental Marketer Podcast.


Driven Dental Implant Marketing Website

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