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Are you ready to be motivated?

In episode 127 I had the wonderful privilege to interview Dr. Tom Tu. This is a unique episode because Dr. Tu is working on a start-up buuuuut... not the kind of start-up you are thinking about.

Dr. Tom has created a side hustle. You see he is a dentist and is working in a community clinic here in Los Angeles, but he realized pretty early on in while he was working in corporate dentistry, that he does NOT want to own his own practice. However, Tom, just like many of you, ar insanely creative and you have to feed that creativity... so what did he do?

He created Black Finch. I am sure many of you have seen the Black Finch scrubs (if you haven't click here to check out Black Finch Scrubs). Listen to see why he chose this route!

We also discuss what Dr. Tom likes and dislikes about dentistry and what he feels needs to change. I ESPECIALLY love this episode because a lot of you wonderful listeners are looking to either do a start-up but aren't 100% sure about it, many of you are also looking to speak, coach, consult, and need a little extra "hmmmph" or push to get started... if so... tune into this episode now!


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