125: Joshua Scott | Personal Branding For Your Practice.

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So... it's no secret I am a HUGE Studio8e8 fan! However, this interview is something I believe we ALL need to listen to because this... this right here... is what will make truly YOU stand out!

Personal branding...

Sometimes we think "man... we are in a super saturated location! There so many dentist everywhere! How am I REALLY different"? We may start saying to ourselves "it's because we pride in our practice, our team, our work" or you may say "we have the best technology around or we TRULY care and cater to families..." whatever the case may be... don't you think the dentist down the street MAY be saying the same things!? So what will truly make you stand out, how can you attract your tribe, your ideal patients?

We discuss that and more in this episode! I personally LOVE it when dentist talk about their hobbies, or maybe some dentists have their own personal blogs where they share their passions and ideas on there! This to me is GENIUS!

We also dive into a space that no-one has touched. So... if you are a coach, consultant, mover, or shaker in the dental industry... how are you marketing yourself to your potential clients? What are you doing? What NEEDS to be done!? Listen to this episode to find out!

It's no doubt, that Joshua Scott and the team at Studio8e8 are doing revolutionary things for the dental field! I spent last week with them working on my personal brand and watching them work... and I can honestly say, they see dentistry as art! Like TRUE art! They find beauty in what you do and add your personality to it... then they add marketing to it and BOOM.. you get a futuristic, engaging, content rich website that ACTUALLY converts!

Enjoy this episode and please feel free to reach out to Joshua Scott and his team Studio8e8 for anything, they are truly amazing leaders in dental marketing and will provide you the PROVEN results you need and want.



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