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We're back! After a week long break we are back with the podcast! I know what you're thinking "it's only a week Mike.." yeah but... I missed you! But you will be happy to hear that in the past week I created 2 things:

The Ground Marketing Facebook Group

and... The First EVER Ground Marketing Course, which will be released next week (UPDATE: it's already LIVE!)

So I am SUPER excited to put this out and the world so it can help you grow your dental practice!

Now, let's get into this podcast! I had the wonderful privilege to visit the headquarters of PURE LIFE DENTAL in Santa Monica, while there, we recorded this episode!

Pure Life Dental is really improving the way you. purchase, carry, and work with dental supply companies! Pure Life Dental is an eco-friendly dental supply company that focuses on healthier solutions for your patients and your staff. They carry nothing but innovative products and.... they care extremely about you.. the dentist! This means that they are extremely AFFORDABLE and always have your bottom line in mind!

I feel like I can go on and on about Pure Life Dental but... listen to Kirtsen and Omar talk about the company and their philosophy! Also, listen to the reason why Omar left his dentist for another dentist and why you need to make sure your patients aren't postponing or leaving you!

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