115: Jordon Comstock | Who else is sick of dental insurances?!

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Are you someone who owns a Fee For Service practice? Or maybe you just had your first horrible experience with dental insurance? or maybe you are just completely and utterly SICK of dental insurance and you wish you lived in a world where this didn't exist!? Well... listen up folks, because this episode contains the solution!

In this episode I have the privilege of interviewing Jordon Comstock who is the owner of Boomcloud. I can go on and on about what Boomcloud is and how it will help your practice but I rather let you listen to Jordan tell you about it. We also discuss the reason why he created Boomcloud and where his passion and hate for dental insurance came from.

We also discuss many important things but two things I wanted to point out that I really want to make sure you listen to is Recurring Revenue, and learning how to market YOU. These two things are becoming more and more essential... especially in today's world/ generation.

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Check out BOOMCLOUD!

Curious about Boomcloud's pricing? Here.. BoomCloud is an open book and won't hide any fees, click here to view their pricing.

BoomCloud will help you to let go if those pesky insurance companies and create a more secure future for yourself and your team. BoomCloud secures recurring revenue!


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