111: Dr. Meghna Dassani | Sleep Apnea & Dassani Dentistry

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Welcome to episode 111! So first off, let me tell you why I LOVE this episode:

  1. Dr, Dassani is truly an amazing human being!
  2. In this episode we learn how to save lives!
  3. We also learn how to increase production drastically in the process!
  4. You will learn how to market yourself differently in the community!

This episode is jammed pack with so many gems! Some main points that I loved is how Dr. Dassani is in a saturated location for dentists.... Houston TX! But, she is a Fee For Service Practice and she is thriving! How?! Tune in to find out!

We also talk about the different things Dr. Dassani wants to see in dentistry and how to implement Sleep Apnea in your practice. it's no secret that Sleep Apnea can and is doing wonders for your patients and for your practice's production.... so how can you implement it into your practice ASAP?!? Listen in!

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