110: Cory Pinegar | The Formula for Perfecting Recalls.

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Hey TDM Tribe! In this wonderful episode we dissect and figure out the strategy to perfecting recalls! Let's face it... you and I both know you have patients who are way overdue for their dental appointment... whether it's their cleaning OR it's their unscheduled treatment. Are you really doing everything possible to see these patients? Is your team doing everything possible? You and I both know you are insanely busy... and chances are... so is your team!

So... how do we combat this? Well my guest Cory Pinegar tells us the exact methods he and his company use to perfect the recall and maximize their time and dentists profits through recalls. Cory Pinegar is the CEO of Call Force and they are a company whose sole purpose is to schedule your recalls.

I really enjoy this episode because Cory doesn't hold anything back... he gives us the tactics he and his company uses to make recalls AND he gives us the reasons why they work as well! I am really excited for you to listen to this episode AND I really want your front office to listen to this episode as well.


Call Force Website (they rebranded to "REACH")

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