103: Dr. Bryan Laskin | How to grow an 800sqft practice.. into a 3 Story, 11 Operatory, dental practice.

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It's episode 103! If you are tech at ALL.... then this episode is for you! I get to interview the amazing: Bryan Laskin, founder of many companies, but you probably know him or WILL know him from OPERADDS.

Tune in to hear how he had a problem (that many dentist have) and how he created a solution for it! If you have ever been curious about OperDDS then listen to this episode.

On another note, we know that Bryan Laskin is also a dental practice owner. Listen to how he grew his 800sqft practice into an 11 operatory, 3 Story Dental office! Also, learn how Virtual Reality is REALLY changing the game of attracting new patients!




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