The Incredible Strategy That Will Get You New Patients from Medical Offices in Your Community

The Incredible Strategy That Will Get You New Patients from Medical Offices in Your Community

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Ground Marketing to Medical Offices can be one of the most lucrative locations you will encounter when it comes to finding patients who will pay for quality care.

Many times we want to go into these medical locations, give them some treats and cookies, leave them with referral pads or business cards, and then we hope they refer their patients to us.

Please stop doing this.

As you know, that may work here and there but you are not building a deeper relationship with the medical office and you are not knowing, for sure, whether or not people will come into your practice!

In this article I will teach you exactly what you should do to Ground Marketing to Medical Locations to not only get consistent referrals from them, but to also get the employees to come in and vouch for you and your practice.

Find the Medical Offices Near You

First things first, what medical locations are near your practice?  Remember, medical locations can be hospitals, small clinics, urgent cares, MD offices, primary care physicians, plastic surgeons, and even pediatric/ general/ or specialists in dentistry. Are any of these locations near you? If so start making your Starter List.

(if you don't know what a "Starter List" is, read "STEP TWO: Create Your Starter List" in this article: Where to Start Ground Marketing? )

Do not be hesitant to write down ALL the medical locations you see on your way to work, find through Google, and have encountered with in the past that have turned you down. Nothing is off limits and you will be shocked at how often these locations are looking for you, just as much as you were looking for them. You are just making yourself aware now with a different lens.

I recommend you start off with a list of 10 medical locations you plan to visit this week.

Once you got your 10 locations in your Starter List, it's time to hit the ground running!

How to Get Into Medical Locations

Now this is a universal script for medical locations, but you can adjust it according to the location you're trying to get into. In our Ground Marketing Course, I show you the multiple ways you can adjust the script, depending on which location you're trying to get in and so forth.

You can do two things, you can either WALK into the medical location or you can CALL the medical location.

One key thing I want to point out is when you walk in, you're going to probably be able to get a FOR SURE answer right then and there and not have to play any type of phone tag, or maybe leaving a voicemail and waiting on them to call you back, none of that. But at the same time, a lot of the times when you are in person, you might not be able to speak to the right person and they could just cut it off right there, and then you'll have to call later or visit at another time. There's pros and cons for both, but I'm going to share with you the Walking-In Script.

Walking Into Medical Locations Script:


If you're visiting medical locations, a lot of the times small clinics, urgent cares, and plastic surgeons are great for this.

As you are walking into the location, I want you to remember to be casual and calm. You can even have a coffee in hand. Now I like to have a coffee in my hand because I see it more like a shield. It's like, "Hey look, I'm very casual, I had a coffee in my hand, oh look, I'm just passing by this location, let me see what they're all about." And so to me, I like to have that, but you can do whatever. Do NOT walk in there with a clipboard and business cards, have just your coffee in hand or nothing.

Let's just say you're walking into an Urgent Care or a Plastic Surgeon, you walk up to the front reception or the front office or the person in the front.. and you say:

You: "Hello! I was wondering, could I have some of your information, some of your business cards or some of those pamphlets?"

They're going to say, "Yeah, why? Did you need something? What's the matter?"

And then you're just simply going to say: "Well, I'm with the dental office right down the street from here and we wanted to have some of your information on hand so I can give it to our patients when they inquire about some of these procedures that you assist with or offer."

Now, here's the thing, what you're creating is a lead way in, you're not walking in there and saying, "Here's our gift baskets, here's our cookies, here's all these things. Please give us a call and refer people." Everybody else is doing that and you're not showing interest in them! So whenever you go into the medical location... go with the intention of like, "Hey, you know what? Let me see how I can help you out." That's what ground marketing really is, you want to help out everybody. So, let me see how we can help you out. Can I have some information so I can give it to our patients?

The medical location doesn't know that you have a million patients or just one patient. They just know, "Oh my gosh, this lady, this man, wants to help me out. Thank you so much." And then boom, you're done.

From here, a lot of things can happen, which is great. They'll say:

"Yeah, definitely. Let me get you a folder with information."

"Can we schedule a presentation to show you what we're more about?"

If it's a plastic surgeon, a lot of the times they are going to want to schedule a meet and greet with their medical team/ doctors or a. lunch and learn. Most medical locations will just give you a bunch of their information. "Yeah, here. Here's a lot of our information," and they'll give it to you.

Now, once they give you their information, you can say:

You: "Okay, awesome. This looks like enough. Do you think it's okay if I can come by and give you and maybe the employees here, some of our information as well?"

Automatically, they're going to say YES! They're not going to be like, "I don't think I can have your information because..." Because what? You're already taking their information, it's reciprocity, the least they can do is say, "Sure yeah, give us some of your information." And then boom, once they say, "Yeah, of course." Then you say:

"Okay, awesome. Let me go get the information from the car and come right back."

Now, the reason I say, "Let me go get the information from the car" is because this has happened quite a bit to me, is where I'll go back to the office, maybe grab some information and come back, and the person is either busy now, and I don't have much time to talk to them or any time to talk to them. They're not there anymore, they went on their lunch break or they're gone.

Just go get your information from your car, unless your practice is literally right next door, then you can do that. But if it's not next door, literally go to the car, get some of the free information and then come by.

What Information Should I Give?


A lot of the times we tend to overthink this part. We think, "Okay, we need to have all these freebies incentives, all these things to give them". Or we may think "Oh my gosh, it's a hospital or urgent care of 200 people, I don't have 200 hygiene kits Michael!" Don't overthink it. Something I mention in The Ground Marketing Course is, all you need is 10 hygiene kits or less. Have some of that in the car, have some of your business cards, information, and always a sign up sheet.

Once they say, "Yeah okay, sounds good. You can bring some information." Once you go to the car, get your hygiene kits, maybe some flyers, business cards and a sign up sheet, just say, "Here's some freebies for you guys and at the same time, what the doctor and I wanted to do for the employees and their families is (incentive).

Now the incentive, make sure it's something everybody agrees with and it's something captivating. An incentive I like to always give out, and the way I word it is "Free Whitening". I don't say "free bleaching", I say "Free Whitening". And in The Ground Marketing Course, I do teach you guys exactly how to use Free Whitening to your advantage and not actually give everything for free. Because that's the last thing I want, is for you to give out a ton of free whitening. However, you can choose to give whichever incentive you desire. A lot of our members in the course, don't even do any incentives, they just say, "Hey, if you need a great dentist, the doctor and I are here, we're available for you. If you need any second opinions, we're willing to look at that for free."

Then continue with leaving the sign up sheet because this sign up sheet is going to get you your second date and at the same time, it's going to get you new patients faster than a referral. The reason I say that is, the employees will look at your sign up sheet, they'll say, "Oh yeah, you know what? I needed a dentist" or they'll put it in the lunchroom and people will start signing up. And then you simply ask:

"When's a good day to come back and pick up the sign up sheet?" And they'll let you know. You come back, pick up the sign up sheet, boom. That's basically it.


Now, that you got the strategy down, practice. Role play and practice then execute.

Some things I want you to keep in mind are:

  • There is no need for you to spend hours and hours and loads of money on this strategy. Block1-3 hours of your day to execute the strategy to 10 medical locations. You should not need to spend any money executing this strategy, so count on the budget being $0.00!

  • Breaking down barriers. A lot of the times, when you drop off cookies or a gift basket, it doesn't even get to the owner/ doctor because it stops at the receptionist or the office manager, because they like to play gatekeeper, you know what I mean? You need to break down that barrier and this is how you're going to do it, with this strategy. Once the team comes to your office, you can easily, like I said, offer a lunch and learn to build more rapport or some sort of meet and greet. You're also going to get new patients this way, which is their team. You will probably get referrals within that month as well from the team.
  • Execute the strategy the way it is. Don't overthink it. Don't try and assume and redo the script above with what you THINK they will say. Just execute the strategy. Adjust accordingly if needed, depending on the medical locations you visit, but overall, do it.

  • Remember, a patient's primary care physician needs to refer out many times, and that's where you come in. This physician office alone could bring you in thousands of revenue each month, effortlessly, simply because you're active within the community and understand the importance of building those close relationships.

This strategy not only works, but if your team member, the person who will become a new patient magnet, they will be a ground marketing hero, if they are consistent with this strategy and continue to grow their rapport with medical locations in your community. Just imagine the results it will bring you. Just imagine if you did this with every single medical location in your community!

Let me know your feedback/ results and if you guys have any questions or concerns.

All this information, along with a plethora of Ground Marketing strategies, strategies that WILL bring in new patients within this week, can be found here:


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