How to Ground Market to Your Local Chamber of Commerce

How to Ground Market to Your Local Chamber of Commerce

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One of the most common questions I get about Ground Marketing is how to ground market to your local chamber of commerce. This is a great question, because ground marketing to your chamber of commerce is a great strategy.

Your local chamber of commerce knows exactly what’s happening in and around your local community. They know all about the new businesses that are opening up, and they know all about the old businesses that are doing really well and playing a huge role in the community.

So if you’re ready to reap the benefits of ground marketing to your local chamber of commerce, this article is for you.

How to Ground Market to Your Local Chamber of Commerce

So the first thing you’re probably wondering when it comes to ground marketing to your local chamber of commerce is: 

“Do I have to be signed up to the chamber of commerce in order to take advantage of some of the perks that they have to offer?”

Well… the answer is both yes and no.

For instance, if you want to attend specific events such as ribbon cuttings, chamber networking events, luncheons, and breakfasts… then being signed up to your local chamber of commerce is a must.

But, ground marketing to your local chamber of commerce is still beneficial if you aren’t signed up. And in this post, I’m going to show you some of the great tips and tricks to get more patients to your practice, even if you’re not signed up.

Tip #1: View the Chamber of Commerce as a Tool

Whether you’re signed up or not, you need to view the chamber of commerce as a valuable resource and tool. Sometimes, people find that being signed up to the chamber of commerce doesn’t really do anything for their business.

But realistically, those people aren’t using the chamber of commerce correctly.

You need to know how to navigate and utilize the chamber of commerce to the best of its ability if you want to see results.

Tip #2: Google and Familiarize Yourself with Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Now, the first thing you need to do is Google and familiarize yourself with your local chamber of commerce. This is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is type your location followed by “chamber of commerce.”

For example, if you live in Frisco, Texas, you just need to type “Frisco Chamber of Commerce” into the search bar on Google.


Click on their website, snoop a little, and familiarize yourself with what they have to offer on their site. Most of the time, you’ll see a list of options on their menu such as Chamber Event Calendar, Membership Benefits, Chamber Events, Business Directory, and Signature Events.

Browsing your local chamber of commerce’s website is a great way to scope out what’s happening around your community.


Tip #3: Locate and Browse Their Calendar of Events

This will show you the different types of events that are happening, ranging from signature events, chamber events, committee events, and governmental events.

What you want to do now is browse through their calendar of events and pick the events that are the most relevant to your practice. You can even research the event, locate a contact, and reach out to someone associated with the event and offer some help or a free goodie bag in support of their event.


Some events you want to pay special attention to are ribbon cuttings, and any other events where you think your target audience is more likely to be associated with.


Tip #4: Compile a List

Once you’ve located a few events that you might be interested in, you want to compile a list with all the necessary information (such as contact information) that you need in order to speak to the right person.

You can take it a step further by checking out the Business Directory on the Chamber of Commerce’s website so that you can find specific businesses that you can ground market to as well.


Just keep your target audience in mind as you’re researching these businesses and compiling your list.

Tip #5: Call Your Local Chamber of Commerce/ or Businesses

After you’ve compiled your list of events and businesses, you’ll want to call your local chamber of commerce/ or the businesses you found in the "Business Directory" or the businesses that will have Ribbon Cuttings. Reach out to them, introduce yourself and your practice, and let them know that you’re interested in providing freebies for the event and helping out in whichever way you can.

One of three things can happen once you make this introduction:

  • They say yes and you proceed to work out the details
  • They transfer you to someone who could help you regarding your inquiry (in which case, you repeat your introduction and continue from there)
  • They say no and you can’t participate

Now, if they go with the last option, you’ll want to tell them that you completely understand and that you’re thankful for their help. Then, follow up by asking if it would be alright for you to stop by the chamber of commerce/ or business and drop off some freebies for that person (that you’re speaking with on the phone) and their families as a thank you.

This is important to ask because their answer will reveal if it’s a policy that they say no to your freebies and help, or if it is just specific to the person answering the phone.

If they say no, then you know that you’re just talking to the wrong person. In which case, you want to call back at a later time to speak to the right person.

If the person you’re on the phone with says yes to your freebies, then you know that they’re declining your initial offer because of policy. However, because they said yes, you’ll still have a way in. 

So if you get a yes, take it! Grab your freebies and your sign up sheet, and head to your local chamber of commerce/ event and start collecting leads!

Ground Marketing to Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Whether you’re new to ground marketing or you consider yourself pretty seasoned, ground marketing to your local chamber of commerce is always a great idea. And if you’re not signed up as a member, don’t let that deter and discourage you.

The tips I share in this article will help you maximize the benefits of ground marketing to your local chamber of commerce without needing to sign up.

If you’re signed up, these tips are still applicable but you’ll have MORE access to attending the events. 

Finally, if you’d like a little help navigating your phone call with your local chamber of commerce, we help all of our members who are a part of our email list. So make sure you’re signed up by clicking the link here and entering your email!


Contact us today to start crushing it with ground marketing.