How to Get New Patients and Referrals from Your Local Plastic Surgeon

How to Get New Patients and Referrals from Your Local Plastic Surgeon

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Ground marketing to medical locations is an effective strategy for getting new patients and growing your practice. But have you considered ground marketing to your local plastic surgeon? Cosmetic and plastic surgery establishments are a great place to consider ground marketing to for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s a place that can easily refer you patients from their own internal team as well as from their list of clients. And if you’re a cosmetic dentist or provide any dental cosmetic services, partnering up with a plastic surgeon is a natural fit. Here’s what you need to know about getting new patients and referrals from your local plastic surgeon to get started.

How to Get New Patients and Referrals from Your Local Plastic Surgeon

A number of members in The Dental Marketer Community have seen great results from the tactics and scripts provided in the Ground Marketing course. What often ends up happening is not only do they get the employees from the plastic surgeon’s office, they also get referrals from the plastic surgeon’s patients.

Think about the nature of a plastic surgeon’s office - the reason why people go there is to receive surgery that enhances their appearance and confidence. Chances are, these same patients would care about having their teeth whitened, fix their alignment, or get veneers. Additionally, the patients who come to you as referrals from their plastic surgeon have great confidence in their doctor.

Steps to Get New Patients from Your Local Plastic Surgeon


Now that you have a good reason to reach out and ground market to your local plastic surgeons, it’s time to dive into how you actually get the ball rolling on this beneficial partnership.

First and foremost, you want to do your community research. Starting with a Google search is a great option since it is quick and requires relatively little time. However, there are a few things you’d want to look out for during your research:

  • A professional website
  • A well-written blog 
  • An active Facebook page
  • Active Instagram page
  • And a YouTube page
  • Any other active social media platform (such as TikTok)

Keep in mind that having every single one of those points isn’t entirely necessary, But the more presence they have online, the more influence and engagement they have over their community.

After doing your initial community research on Google, you’ll want to make sure to either call the plastic surgeon’s office to start ground marketing right away or drive around the neighborhood and visit the office yourself.

Even though driving around can be slightly more time-consuming, I highly recommend visiting the office in person over making a phone call, even though cold calling is a highly-effective method as well. Not only does visiting your local plastic surgeon’s office give them a more personal touch to you and your practice, but it’ll also allow you to scope out any other medical facilities and cosmetic surgeons who might not be popping up on your Google search results.

Preparing Your Script


Having a great ground marketing strategy means being prepared with a script and offer. It’s always a good rule of thumb to approach any establishment you’re ground marketing to by offering value. Providing value to the plastic surgeon’s office first will often result in reciprocity from their business. Offer them an incentive such as free teeth whitening for their employees, free exams, or free x-rays.

Another reason why you’ll want to come prepared with a great script as well as offer an incentive is because sometimes, the staff, doctor, or receptionist won’t be interested if you walked in there and said “Hi, I’m a dentist and we are in-network with most of your patients and wanted to provide them with quality care.”

This is a forgettable interaction that doesn’t evoke interest or benefit to the plastic surgeon.

Once you’ve created a great script (or download the pre-written one we’re providing you here) as well as deciding on what services make the most sense to offer as an incentive, you’ll want to start a conversation to introduce yourself, the benefit and value you aim to provide the plastic surgeon, and most importantly - you want to leave some business cards, flyers, and a sign-up sheet.

The sign-up sheet is key to capturing new patients, leads, and referrals, and you download this FREE sign-up sheet [DOWNLOAD IT HERE] to help you kickstart your ground marketing efforts. This sign-up sheet will essentially sit and work at capturing new patients and referrals for you when you aren’t physically present. Using the template provided, all you need to do is fill out your practice’s name, the incentive you’re offering (e.g. free whitening, consultation, etc…), as well as any information you’d like to capture from names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Pro-tip: I do highly recommend always asking for their phone number.

The Long-Term Benefits of Ground Marketing to Your Local Plastic Surgeon

Ground marketing to medical offices such as your local plastic surgeon can be one of the most lucrative partnerships. This is because you know you’re finding and attracting patients who will pay for quality care. More often than not, the patients and clients of a plastic surgeon because they believe in investing in their appearance. And their teeth are no exception. By following the strategies outlined and downloading the script and sign-up sheet provided in this article, you’ll be able to build a deeper and mutually beneficial relationship with your local plastic surgeon. And in turn, you’ll watch your patient numbers and referrals grow.



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