How to Create an Amazing Dental Website

How to Create an Amazing Dental Website

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It’s no secret that dental websites, on the whole, aren’t so great. Cheesy stock images, inauthentic copy, obnoxious amounts of “seo”, and outdated design has turned what should be a beautiful, authentic introduction to your practice into an ugly, impersonal “marketing machine". We created Studio EightyEight to change all that. We believe that your website should tell your story in an authentic way. Patients should see your beautiful face (and your beautiful practice) and watch as your compelling story unfolds before their eyes. 

So how do we do it? I’m glad you asked! Our process looks a little something like this:

  1. Story Discovery
  2. Copywriting
  3. Custom Photography & Video
  4. Homepage Design & Development
  5. Internal Page Design & Development
  6. Ongoing Optimization

Story Discovery

We can’t tell your story without knowing what it is, so we use several brand discovery tools, including the S8E8 Brand Creator™ to find out what makes you… you. We’ll find the distinctive focus and style of your practice, gather the elements that define you, and help you build a brand that’s unique within your community. 


You may have noticed that most dental websites have very similar (if not identical) copy. Obviously that’s a no-go for us. We believe that your website’s copy should literally tell your story. Seeing how your story is unique, we believe your website’s copy should be too. 

As soon as the Story Discovery process is completed, our writers get to work crafting your website’s copy. We use the subtle (and not so subtle) hints from your Brand Creator to develop a voice and direction that is carried consistently throughout your site. We also build search optimization into your site from the beginning – subtly and strategically working important keywords right into your site’s copy.

Photography & Video

We decided at the very beginning that stock photography was not going to be an option for our clients. They deserve better. While stock photos can certainly tell a story, they definitely cannot tell your story. We believe that the best way to tell your story is by showing your potential patients beautiful, professional images of the team who will care for them and the practice that they will be served in. That’s why we send one of our very own photographers and videographers to you – to capture beautiful images and compelling stories.

Is it easy to send a photographer to every single practice we serve? Of course not! But this isn’t about making easy websites, it’s about making better websites. 

Homepage Design & Development

This is where the real magic happens. Once your site is written, and your beautiful photos and videos are ready, we unleash our team of designers to craft a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of art. We call it: Your Homepage. 

Fun fact: We put so much time and attention-to-detail into your homepage, that it takes about as long to make as the rest of the site’s pages combined! Why? Because the homepage sets the direction for the rest of your site, and because it’s the first impression many people will have of your practice. Don’t believe first impressions are important? We (and science) beg to differ.


Once your homepage has been peer-reviewed by our creative team, it’s developed using the latest technologies and techniques. We make sure that the site isn’t just beautiful, but it also functions flawlessly on devices of all shapes and sizes. 

Internal Page Design & Development

When your fully-developed responsive homepage is ready, we share it with you to make sure we hit the nail right on the head. If you love it, awesome! If it’s not quite right, we’ll get on the same page and make it right.

Once the homepage is finalized, our design team will thoughtfully craft every additional page of your site. Those pages will again be peer-reviewed before they are lovingly developed by our friendly team of developers.

In a few short weeks, you’ll be looking at your brand new website! You’ll again have the opportunity to provide feedback and revisions. Once you love it – we’ll take it live!

Ongoing Optimization

Our writers and developers put a great amount of effort into optimizing all our websites for great search placement from the beginning. Beyond this, we’re always available to make changes and provide additional optimization to help improve your patients’ experience and your search rankings. All of our websites include two years of hosting, maintenance, updates, and on-site search optimization, and we have additional SEO packages available to help you reach more patients through organic search.

Are you ready to take your practice’s website to the next level? Studio8e8 would love to help you create the best dental website for you. Visit them here and start a conversation to learn more.

Written by: Studio8e8


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