Helping Your Community Through Facebook, Instagram, and Ground Marketing

Helping Your Community Through Facebook, Instagram, and Ground Marketing

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No doubt, you have been watching the news and seeing everything that has been occurring in our community.

We are all hurting.

Whether it's financially, due to the pandemic forcing businesses to shutdown...

Hurting physically due to contracting COVID-19...

Or hurting emotionally due to the protests...

Right now, there is one thing we can all do... and that's CARE.

I like to think of CARE as:

Experiences/ Examples

Are you consistently applying real examples in your life?

Put yourself in the shoes of your fellow businesses owners and the people in your community.

How can you help them out?

How can you put yourself in the shoes of the medical locations down the street, the hair salons, the restaurants, the day cares,  the small businesses, etc?

Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself... "what would I want from my local dentist"? Or even just from your local neighbor?

I am going to teach you 3 ways we can CARE and show up for our community.

1. Through Facebook
2. Through Instagram
3. Through Ground Marketing

I will show you how you can show up for your community, be relevant and build familiarity, attract new patients, but most importantly show that you care for them.

I will show you how to do that with these 3 methods: Facebook, Instagram, and Ground Marketing.


Let's first get into....

Helping Your Community Through: Facebook

I am going to show you a video that is in our signature course.

(I HIGHLY recommend you enroll and become a member of The Ground Marketing Course. If you are not a member yet, then you are tremendously missing out on new patient opportunities every day).

In this video I show you what we call: "Ground Marketing through Social Media"

However, I show you exactly what you need to do to for Facebook.

IF you actually do everything I teach you in this video, you will have:

- 20x more Brand Awareness
- Attract New Patient Leads More Frequently
- Create Much More Trust
- Become 100x more involved in your community

So sit back, take some notes, and do everything I'm about to teach you!

This is too easy of an opportunity to pass up! I want you to execute and hear back from you on how this is going.

Let's move onto...

Helping Your Community Through: Instagram

Instagram to me, is a different "beast".

What I mean is, it's different than Facebook.

Have you ever thought this:

"Let's do a special giveaway/ post on Instagram and then will get a lot of participants"

You do the special giveaway/ post... then... crickets... no one is really participating.

That's because I want you to think of one thing...

When you make a post on Instagram... whose watching?

Is it other dentists? Is it marketers trying to win your business, or is it your existing patients and other new potential patients from your community?

You must build your audience first!

You can't just post something and expect people to follow you, or like the post, or engage with you, or message you for an appointment... all from one single post.


The things you need to do is ask yourself:

  • Whose viewing my Instagram?
  • What do I want from my Instagram/ What's the goal?

So let's discuss the first thing: Building the right audience for your Instagram.

Now, when it comers to growing your Instagram with quality followers, this doesn't mean you MUST post something. If you want to grow your Instagram with quality followers you must... ENGAGE!

Go onto your Instagram and type in your city name and then click "TAGS". You will see everyone who has tagged your city.

Guess what?

More than likely everyone who has tagged your city... lives there!

So start viewing their posts! Like their posts. Comment on their posts.

Think about it, if someone liked your post you may or may not take the time to check out who liked it... but if someone commented on your post, more than likely you WILL go see who exactly commented on your post and you will view their profile.

The same thing! So engage and comment! Be active with your community on Instagram. Join in on the conversation and show them you are more than just another dental practice with a profile.

2nd thing is ask yourself: What's the goal with my Instagram?

Do you want more likes with your Instagram... or do you want Instagram to drive in more profits.

Someone who covers this topic extremely well is Dr. Brian Baliwas.

I interviewed him on the podcast (you can listen to that episode here).

However, he talks about how your main focus should be to drive more profits with your Instagram. This doesn't mean having more followers and likes. It means you need to have more engagement and quality content.

Like I said, listen to the episode to get the full picture (Brian explains it insanely well).

In summary, make sure you don't get lost in the noise of "oh I have to post every single day on Instagram to be relevant".

This is not true.

You need to engage every single day (or every other day). Just take 30 minutes every day to engage and show your community how you are there for them.

Interact with posts you relate to. Like and comment on the people's post (who live in your area). Feel free to Direct Message them. Engage!

All this can be done by just searching for tags such as your city name, your zip code, your neighborhood, other stores in your city that are on Instagram, and events happening in your city.

Do this and you'll see... in less than 15-30 days, you will start seeing results.


Helping Your Community Through: Ground Marketing

I want you to think about something ...

Whose your favorite band?

Do you have their CD or record?

Do you have maybe a T-Shirt of this band?

If you're like me, I have many favorite bands. One of my favorite bands growing up was a Spanish rock group called: Mana

I still think they are amazing.

I would listen to their music all the time and even learned how to play a lot of their songs. I considered myself a fan...


It wasn't until I saw them LIVE in concert...

That's when I truly became a fan! I thought they were the best band on earth! I didn't want to listen to anything else. After seeing them live in concert, I felt a deeper connection with them and their songs every time I heard them on the radio.

Seeing them in person created this connection.

This is what Ground Marketing does.

It's you being there... "in-person"... with your community.

I want to share with you a strategy on how you can help your community out through Ground Marketing.

I want you to understand something though...

YOU are an authority figure. You always have been. However, now... you can express this more.

I want you to call one type of location/ business this week:

Grocery Stores.

This is what you are going to do when you call your local Grocery Stores:


Now, a couple things why this is different than before.

1. You are not saying "I want to drop off "freebies". "Freebies" can mean anything and the company/ business doesn't want to take the risk right now on anything. Do not say "FREEBIES"!

2. You are authoritatively saying "I am going to take care of you and this is how".

3. Use the word "HYGIENE". We all know right now being clean is HUGE. We are taking extra steps to wipe down gym equipment, to sanitize our hands after we touch something in public, to disinfect our groceries, etc. So, use the word "hygiene".

4. Acknowledging their hard work... because who doesn't want to be rewarded or feel grateful for their hard work, especially during these times.

We will always crave a person to person connection, therefore show up and show your community you care with Ground Marketing

Do EVERY SINGLE ONE of these strategies today or tomorrow and let me know how it went!

Also, I share these strategies and more every single week with my email list.

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