Ground Marketing To Senior Citizens

Ground Marketing To Senior Citizens

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When I first started Ground Marketing, one of the very first ever businesses I went to was a Senior Home. Fast forward nearly a decade later and I have Ground Marketed to over 40 Senior Homes, Independent Living Facilities, and Luxury 55 and older communities.


I have brought in hundreds of new patients from senior homes annnnd I’ve also made tons of mistakes while marketing to Senior Citizens.


In this article, I will share with you the Senior Home Strategy. This strategy will allow you to go into a Senior Home and do a presentation, seminar, or booth and market your practice!

In this article you will also learn how to talk and act with seniors, and essential pointers you MUST keep in mind when talking and marketing to seniors.


First and foremost, we need to understand why we are Ground Marketing to seniors. Why do you want them as new patients and how can they grow your practice?


According to an article found in Pharmacy Times, it states: “A rapidly growing elderly population needs more access to oral health care services… adults 65 and older are expected to account for a greater patient population in dental practices in the coming years as the demographic increases in size…”


The elderly population isn’t going anywhere… in fact it is growing more and more quickly every single day.

Another article titled "The Future of Dentistry", points that, "There is expected to be 92 million elderly individuals by the year 2060....and the average age of most patients diagnosed with oral cancer is 62".


So there is a concern for Senior Citizens... not just by seniors, but also by their families! People want their grandparents, their mom, their dad... to feel good, secure, healthy, safe, and happy!



Another super interesting fact that I came across was this:


In addition to states acting to improve oral health care, the ADA is collaborating with CVS Pharmacy to expand oral health education for consumers… the partners have pledged a 3-year initiative that will include public awareness and engagement programs, including a search tool that will assist consumers in finding a dentist in their area”!



CVS Pharmacy is going to start to recommending dental practices to their customers!!!


If you are enrolled in our signature course, then you know there is a WHOLE UNIT dedicated just for pharmacies! In this unit I specifically talk about CVS Pharmacy and how to get in and attract new patients from here... so this is going to be a major win for you!



Anyways, as you can see…seniors are starting to need much more help and care for their oral health.



There are a lot of ways you can help the senior citizens in your community… from providing them the best dental work they've ever received… to having them be a part of your in-house membership plan because they are retired and have no more dental coverage.



You know these seniors still need a lot of work done… and... they know they need work done as well.



So… where can we find a lot of seniors in one place?



Independent Living Facilities.

Senior Homes.

Luxury Senior Care Centers.



These locations are wonderful to Ground Market too and fantastic locations to build great relationships with!


We have found great success Ground Marketing to Senior Homes… even when they already have a “in-house”dentist" or “traveling dentist” visiting the residents… I was still able to go in Ground Market, attract new patients, and be the “Go To” dentist in these Senior Homes!



This is what I want tot each you!



So, get ready… because it’s time to learn…



How To Get Into Senior Homes



Senior Homes are a great location to target to attract new patients because:

·     It’s a location where you can find multiple, many, of your seniors who need dental work.
·     You will gain influence in these locations.
·     You can create a great relationship with Senior Homes and become a monthly/ yearly speaker and service provider for this location.
·     You will also find families here, which means more opportunities for new patients.
·     You can also attract the employees from these Senior Homes to come to your practice.

Ok… so now that we understand the benefits of getting into Senior Homes… it’s time to learn the script!

This Senior Home Strategy is done over the phone. So memorize this script when you are calling.

Here is the script:


This script is found in our signature course with MUCH more detail to the strategy, video explanation, more scripts on leaving voicemails/ asking to do more/ etc., and marketing notes on how to get into Senior Homes.

But... that’s it!

Always try and schedule some sort of presentation with seniors. The Activities Coordinators will love that you presented this idea and called them about it because… well… you are making the "Activities" Coordinator’s job much easier!

Their job is to coordinate and find activities for the seniors… and here you are… calling them to do an extremely useful and helpful activity for their residents!

Now… you may not always be able to speak to the Activities Coordinator on the first attempt/ call.

That’s because the Activities Coordinator is out doing activities with the seniors.

That’s fine.

Just leave a voicemail and they will return your call. If they have not returned your call within ONE day then call again.


Try this today! Call a Senior Home near you and use the script above and let me know how it goes!


Once you have the "okay" to do some sort of booth, seminar, or presentation at a Senior Home, now comes one of the most important parts…


Getting The Seniors Interested In Visiting Your Practice

Ground Marketing in Senior Home

I literally recorded myself at a Senior Home showing you exactly what I am doing and how I am doing it!

In this video you will see me sign seniors up to visit our practice.

The funny thing is I didn't even do a presentation, seminar, or booth. The Activities Coordinator only allowed me to set up on a counter in their lounge area.

So, what does EVERY Ground Marketer do?

Takes complete advantage of every single opportunity and kills it!

In this video you will see how some seniors need a dentist, are not sure what their insurance covers, seniors who are unhappy with their current dentist, and more!

So, don't always assume seniors already have a "traveling dentist" or "they are happy with their in-house dentist".

If the Activities Coordinator allows you to visit, set-up, or do anything in their Senior Home, you better do it!

Watch me here Ground Marketing to Senior Citizens:

That is what happens at Senior Homes... they will sign-up and ask tons of questions...

Questions like "what insurance do you accept" to "do you have a purple colored toothbrush"?

You will also notice in the video that not everyone is happy with their current dentist.


So… got to every single senior home if possible!


Do this strategy with every single Senior Home in your community!

Just imagine the amazing potential that is waiting for you at every single Independent Living Community, Assisted Living Home, or Senior Home!


Now… we are not entirely done here.

GroundMarketing in over 40 Senior Homes, you can imagine the mistakes that I have made and lessons I have learned when speaking and trying to attract seniors to our practice.


So I want to give you…




In our Ground Marketing Course, I state 18 ESSENTIAL POINTERS you must always keep in mind when marketing to seniors in general… but for the sake of not rambling on in this article… I will only mention 5 pointers!


1.    Seniors want to understand things, not rely on someone else to do things for them. The harder something is to read, to understand, or to access when needed, the more it will emphasize the loss of independence seniors often incur as they age. Your marketing message should never make your client feel inadequate, incapable, stupid or "old".

2.     Make things clear, not confusing. Use images that invoke feelings of comfort. Use images that are age-appropriate. Don't stereotype seniors as old, infirm people. On the other hand, don't use images of people that are too youthful either. Most seniors view themselves as about 10-15 years younger than their actual age, so use images that they will find attractive, not outrageously skewed toward the young or the old.

3.    Change needs to be viewed as something positive, not something to fear. Realize that some seniors thrive on being trendsetters among their peers. Try to tap into this positive energy. Empower them with knowledge and confidence as you show them how your service can lighten their load and provide benefits that can lead to an enhanced and more meaningful lifestyle.

4.    Create specific sales and offers, such as two-for-one services, senior sale days, free family consultations, etc. Help your senior patients spread the good word about you. Send them home with literature that they can pass out to friends. Offer a two-for-one special if they bring a friend with them on their next visit. Their testimonial is golden, and they will often enjoy being an ambassador for a business they like to patronize.

5.    Lastly, if they have an email address, collect their email address. They will more than likely read each email you will send to them instead of just by passing it or throwing it away in the JunkFolder. (do not however ONLY collect their email address only, make sure you collect their phone number too).


That's it!

Keep these essential pointers in mind when creating your marketing material to seniors, when talking to seniors, when preparing your presentations/ seminars for seniors, and when working on your patients who are seniors.


Like I said, more of these essential pointers are in our Ground Marketing Course with much more depth on how to address & market to senior citizens.


I am very excited for you to go out and start executing this strategy! The senior citizens in your community need to see and experience the remarkable practice and service you provide for their community and their family!

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