Does Ground Marketing Really Work?

Does Ground Marketing Really Work?

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The Struggle Is Real

It’s 30 minutes until you open up. Your whole team is with you during the morning huddle and your office manager and you are reviewing the numbers for this month. Y’all start looking for multiple ways to improve collections! Then… you ask your Office Manager: “How many new patients did we have this month?” Your Office Manager looks at the numbers, hits refresh a couple of times (hoping the number will go higher with every click) and says: “not a lot… only…”.

You start to wonder, “where are these new patients?! Why is no one coming in!? I’m trying everything!”

But have you really done EVERYTHING?

Let’s see…

You’ve put up banners outside your office, asked for referrals from your current patients, you even have an A-SIGN promoting your “ New Patient Special: $59.99 for X-rays , exams, and cleaning”, and your posting on Social Media.

In your eyes and your office manager’s eyes … y’all are probably doing everything you can!


Have you TRULY tried Ground Marketing?

I mean… have you really done PROPER Ground Marketing strategies and tactics?

If you have… you wouldn’t have this problem.

You’ve probably heard about ground marketing and you may think you know a little bit or a lot about it, and you’re wondering:

“Will that work for my practice? How do I do it? Is it difficult?”

Ground marketing has paved the way for you to get out there, show your face to the community, and bring in new patients.  Ground marketing really is “If you want it, go get it” form of marketing.

Can a dentist/ practice owner do ground marketing? Can anyone do it?  YES! As a dentist you already have a busy schedule of treating patients and running your business (and having a personal life). The amazing thing about ground marketing is that you don’t have to do it, you can delegate your office manager, your part-time receptionist, your hygienist (whenever a NO SHOW or CANCELLATION occurs), or any well qualified employee to do your ground marketing!

Now, is ground marketing difficult?  It can be.

You have to get out of your comfort zone and talk to people… and you must learn what to say to people, businesses, corporations in order to create REMARKABLE conversions and bring in hundreds of new patients to your practice from your community.


Don’t worry, it gets easier!

Especially now with The First EVER Ground Marketing Course.

What is The First EVER Ground Marketing Course?


The First EVER Ground Marketing Course has numerous strategies to get into businesses in your community and market your practice, build relationships with them, and of course… get new patients immediately.

It has OVER 46 video lessons filled with how you will obtain hundreds of leads, call them, and get them into your dental office.

Each unit has detailed information on how to get into different businesses like fitness facilities, preschools, independent living homes for seniors, banks, medical locations, and so much more! The course also provides lessons on how to create countless of opportunities and participate in events, lunch & learns, seminars, and presentations in your local community.

In addition, you will be trained on how to be organized as a ground marketer so you will see optimal results. The course has many scripts and resources that you will be able to use as you do your ground marketing.

Once you get the Ground Marketing Course you have it FOREVER! That’s right… lifetime access!

And get this…

I continue to add strategies to this course! SO it is a FOREVER growing course!!

If you feel that you need to refresh yourself on any ground marketing topic that is taught in the course, you will always be able to do so. I want you to feel confident!

Last but not least, you will be in an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group of fellow ground marketers. There you get to learn how they succeed or struggle and help one another out. On top of that, if you have any questions or if you have any answers you will be able to share it in the group!

You won’t feel alone in this process.

What Results Will You Get From The Ground Marketing Course?


The Ground Marketing Course has been proven to bring results! It has helped hundreds of dental practices to reach their new patients goals and surpass it. With that result it has increased their production numbers.  It will allow you to participate in your community more have them see you and know you! Many dentist have expressed their results and experiences from The Ground Marketing Course here’s just a few:



“I definitely increased new patients for our office over this past 6 months and will continue to do it.”- Bobbie Burns, Ground Marketer From Greeley Dental, Colorado

“The Ground Marketing course It is fantastic! There are so many great resources to use, so many ideas and its something really you can delegate to a team member if you don’t even  want to go through it yourself.”-Dr. Shaina Holman, Holman Family Dental Care

Where Can I Get The Ground Marketing Course?

‌‌‌Click Here:

As a result of the Ground Marketing Course, at your next team meeting, you will see how you have obtained more new patients, your production numbers have grown, and how you are becoming the “Go To Dentist” in your community.


Contact us today to start crushing it with ground marketing.