Converting Your Leads Through Conversation: What to Say to Seal the Deal

Converting Your Leads Through Conversation: What to Say to Seal the Deal

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As I’ve said before, it’s great to have a hundred, maybe even a thousand plus new leads. But none of that matters until those cheeks are in your seats! This is why knowing how to follow up with your lead is incredibly important. Knowing exactly what to say in your follow-up call will not only give you the chance to convert your lead into a paying customer, but it could even help you seal a great deal and gain a loyal patient. So without further ado, here is what you need to know about converting your leads through conversation: what to say to seal the deal.

Converting Your Leads Through Conversation: What to Say to Seal the Deal

There are two types of leads that you will meet: the ones who signed up only for the free treatment (aka the incentive) and the ones who are ready and looking for a new dentist.

Unfortunately, sifting these two types of leads out during your ground marketing efforts isn’t the best strategy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t vet your leads so that you can focus on the potential long-term and loyal patients that you want.

However, that’s not to say that the lead who is just here for the free incentive won’t eventually turn into a repeat customer. As we all know, giving a new customer great service can go a long way.

So now that you are aware of the two types of leads you’ll be talking to, let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty details of what you need to say to seal the deal.

The Introduction

When you’re calling a lead for the first time, there are 4 things that you absolutely need to say right off the bat:

  • Who you are and where you’re calling from
  • What you’re calling about (the free incentive your lead signed up for)
  • When your lead would be able to come in and schedule their appointment for that free incentive
  • If they currently have a dentist

That last question is incredibly important because it’ll help you vet if your lead will likely be a long-term patient. And of course, be sure to pepper in small talk throughout your introduction so that it goes a little like this…

“Hello, is *lead’s name” there? This is *your name* calling from *your practice* regarding the *incentive* you signed up for. How are you doing today? (wait for response). Well, congratulations on the *incentive*. I am calling to see what day would work for you to come in and get that done. But before that, can I ask… when was the last time you went to the dentist?”

At this point, they might say a number of things from “I just went,” “I haven’t gone in a while,” or even “actually, I was wondering if you take my insurance,” or “actually, do you also do Invisalign (or another procedure).”

If they do ask you about a procedure, then go ahead and schedule them ASAP, because that is the exact type of patient you want at your practice.

But if your lead says, “I just went to the dentist” or “I’m just here for the free incentive,” then just say… 

“Great! We’re pretty jammed-packed for the next couple of weeks, but in case we have a last-minute cancellation, can I call to see if you’re available then so that you can get *free incentive* done?”

They’re going to oblige, and all you need to do then is wrap the conversation up and move on.

What to Do When Your Lead is a Good Candidate

Now, if your lead hasn’t been to the dentist in 6 months, or they don’t have a regular dentist and they’re looking for one, they’re a good candidate.

You’ll find out if they’re a good candidate by the way they answer the question “when was the last time you went to the dentist?

If they ask you about a specific procedure, or they mention that they haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, this is what you need to say to continue the conversation…

First, start by answering their questions accordingly.

Then, you want to follow up by scheduling a date on your calendar. You can do that by saying:

“(Once you’ve answered their questions) Great! I will put you down for (mention day). Would that day/time work for you?”

If they say yes, follow up with:

“Great! (Doctor’s name) and I are personally excited and are looking forward to seeing you. What is the best way I can remind you of your upcoming appointment? Would that be email, text, a phone call? (wait for response). Awesome! (Doctor’s name) and I can’t wait to meet you, and I’ll talk to you soon!”

Now if your suggested date and time won’t work for them, go ahead and throw a few options around before continuing with the rest of the script above.

As a tip, try to get them in your practice within 48 hours so that you can seal the deal sooner.

What to Do if Your Lead Says “No” to All Your Suggested Appointment Times

If your lead continuously rejects your suggested appointment times, you’ll want to move them to your “on-call list.”

This is the same list that you’ll be putting your “here-for-the-free-incentive-only” patients on.

All you need to say to your lead in order to do so is:

“Well, Mr. or Mrs *name*, you sure do have a busy schedule, and I can completely understand that. I do not want you to lose your *incentive*, so is it ok if I put you on our “on-call list” so whenever we may have a last-minute cancellation, I can give you a call to see if you’re available to come in?”

At this point, they’ll say yes, or they’ll tweak their schedules to grab that appointment with you.

As mentioned, your on-call list will combine your hot leads (aka the leads that are great candidates but don’t have time to come in soon) and your colder leads (aka here for the free incentive only).

You want to put an asterisk next to your HOT leads because they are still great candidates at the end of the day. That way, you can prioritize these leads when a cancellation happens.

Smile On Your Calls

As you’re calling and following up with your leads, you cannot forget the crucial element of smiling. Ever heard the saying, “I can see you smile over the phone?” That is what you need to ask yourself as you’re having a conversation with your lead.

Portraying your personality is a great way to make your lead feel comfortable with you. It’s also a part of providing a friendly and exceptional service that will excite your lead to work with you.

So don’t forget to showcase your personality as you execute the script above. And if you’re wondering what to say on your appointment confirmation calls, all you need to do is download the free script here, and in no time, your list of leads will become a list of patients.


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