Start Blogging the RIGHT Way to Boost Your Dental Marketing Results

Start Blogging the RIGHT Way to Boost Your Dental Marketing Results

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Today, the digital space is saturated with content. As such, you might think a blog for your brand may not provide you with much value, or be too time-consuming to maintain. However, blogging comes with several advantages, especially for dental practices.

A blog for your dental practice is one of the most cost-effective ways you can reach your audience and build a wider client base. Here are some of the benefits of blogging and how you can enhance your dental marketing efforts by producing well-written and engaging content.

The Benefits of Blogging

1. Boosts website SEO

Blog posts can help your website rank higher on search engines. As a pro tip, try to produce written content that naturally contains keywords that customers will likely use in their searches.

2. Establish your expertise in your field

A blog can help establish your dental practice as an industry leader. It helps you stand out by highlighting how you can provide your customers with the best service possible. Well-written blog posts can also build a better relationship with your audience and earn their trust.

3. Delivers faster results

Blog posts that answer common customer questions can drive traffic faster to your dental practice’s site. It’s a great way to level up inbound marketing efforts, which are otherwise achieved through pricier means.

Blogging Tips for Your Dental Practice

1. Write what people want to read about

Write about topics that people likely look for online to establish your site as a valuable source of information. For example, you can write about common dental concerns and how to remedy them. You can also provide detailed tips to protect oral health. I recommend using a tool like: Answer The Public website.

This is a website where you can type in a topic or anything and you can see how people are searching for it, how often, is it a hot topic and more. Take a look at the phrase "dental pain":

You can write an article about each one of these topics and post it on your dental practice's blog.

2. Use images

Images help inform and further engage your readers. Showcase infographics or high-quality pictures that complement your topic. For example, if you’re writing about your dental practice’s services, you may use images of your office and the tools you use to service your patients. Pictures also help blog posts become more readable by breaking up text.

3. Use bullet points

Like images, bullet points make content more readable. People typically don’t enjoy reading through big walls of text, so dividing your points and ideas into organized chunks helps enhance the overall reading experience. Readers will more easily digest information, which is especially helpful for more in-depth dentistry topics.

4. Engage with your audiences

Allow your readers to comment on your blog posts and use it as a space where they can freely ask questions. Responding to your readers’ comments lets you give them more personalized information and build a connection with them.

Elevate Your Brand with Dental Marketing

Check this video out to see some of these tips and some huge mistakes some practices are making when it comes to writing articles or blogging on their website.

Enhance your dental marketing through a solid blogging strategy that effectively brings your content to your intended audience. Inform, educate, and engage with your clients to help boost your brand image, and develop long-lasting relationships with your customers.


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