Are you targeting everybody, or nobody?

Are you targeting everybody, or nobody?

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There’s a bit of old marketing wisdom that’s often neglected in dentistry. It’s something that consumer goods marketers know by heart, but it’s often neglected in the dental space.

If your target market is “everybody,” then you don’t have a target market at all. In fact, if your target market is “everybody,” then it might as well be “nobody.”

“Everybody” is just too broad of a demographic. You can’t just fling your services out into the world and hope that literally everyone with teeth wants to schedule with you. Not if you want the most immediate results. To get results now, you need to be specific about the patients you market to.

Successful marketing appeals to an audience that’s already receptive to the product or service it’s attempting to sell. The trick is to find that audience. 

Now, of course, if you’re a general practitioner, you don’t necessarily need to be fussy about demographics when it comes to NEW patients. But when it comes to recare - to filling those empty slots COVID created in your schedule 6 months ago, and to fill them fast... well, now is the time to be strategically picky.

For the greatest level of success, especially now, you need to stop the spray-and-pray approach of marketing to “as many patients as possible” and start marketing to the people who are most likely to show up to an appointment. So how do you find those people?

What if you had a pre-generated list of existing patients with unscheduled treatment? That would be a good start.

What if you could spend about 3 seconds and automatically narrow that list down to only patients who have over $500 in remaining insurance benefits? 

And what if you could send a mass email or text message to all of those patients, who could then click a button and get booked directly into your schedule without a single phone call? 

That’s not too good to be true - that’s what Dental Intelligence does with Patient Finder and LocalMed scheduling every single day.

“11 patients scheduled themselves within 4 hours”

Every morning, you get a list of patients with unscheduled treatment. You can customize that list in any way you want to find your perfect patients, and then you just click “send.” Emails and texts go out to those people, who can book with you in just a click. 

“Within 1 hour, we filled 50 hygiene spots.”

Don’t take my word for it - look at what other dentists and office managers are saying. Check your Facebook groups. Ask your friends. Thousands of practices in every kind of demographic are using these tools and seeing results that sound way too good to be true. But they’re not too good to be true - they’re just new. In the future, they’ll be standard equipment. 

Check it out for yourself at Tell them I sent you, and use PROMO CODE: DENTALMARKETER10 for 10% OFF your set-up fee.


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