10 Marketing Resolutions for 2021

10 Marketing Resolutions for 2021

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10 Marketing Resolutions for 2021

2020’s finally about to be over, and I’ve never been so happy to put a year in the rear-view mirror. True, New Year’s Day is always supposed to be a day of reflection, of setting new goals, and reaching for new horizons (not to mention nursing headaches). But even though nothing will miraculously change overnight, this January 1st is going to feel different. 

Sometime in 2021, we should see the end of the troubles that plagued 2020. And when that happens, what will your practice do? 

I would encourage you not to simply be content with getting back to business as usual. I would encourage you to think about how your practice can grow. So I talked with my friends at LocalMed, and we assembled 10 new years resolutions that will help practices like yours kickstart the new year and spring back stronger than ever. 

You don’t have to take all this advice. You don’t have to take any of it. But even choosing one of these as a goal will help you achieve newer, bigger goals for a new and better year. 

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