Ground Marketing to Apartments

Ground Marketing to Apartments

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A question I get asked often is “Michael, how do we find new families who just moved into the community"?


There are multiple ways… but today I want to teach you one way that will produce MAJOR results and LASTING results…


Think about it…


Where is a location where you can find hundreds of people, where you can find families, where you can find NEW families who just moved into the community, and where you are able to talk and show your practice to all of these people at once?


Apartment Complexes!


Attracting new patients consistently from your local apartments can be simple and highly effective!




There is a strategy to it.


I don’t want you to go into these Apartment Complexes like everyone else and drop off freebies and try and promote your practice… this is NOT what I want you to do.


I want you to do the strategy in this article… that way I know you will get results FOR SURE!


Apartments are FILLED with tons of people who are looking for a great dentist!

Don't believe me?

Just wait and see...

By the end of this month you will be doing events, picking up sign-up sheets, and bringing in new patients who want to see you from your local Apartments!

Now, I personally feel everyone should be targeting apartments in your community.

And no, not the way most people do it, which is by leaving door hangers or flyers at the door.

You are actually going to be able to speak to the residents.

Let me give you a run-down of what you will actually be learning today:

1. How To Participate in New Patient Packets.
2. How To Walk Into An Apartment Complex and Participate in Their Events.
3. How To Get The Employees from Apartment Complexes To Come In.
4. How To Create a Pipeline with Apartment Complexes so They Continue to FeedYou New Patients!

This month's emails (if you are not a part of my email list join here) we discussed all the pointers above and we have practices who are getting new patients RIGHT NOW from this strategy alone!

Remember though, these strategies just scrape the tip-of-the iceberg! You can find much more in our signature course with support from my team and I.

Now... what I want you to do is...

Take a look around your community.

Start keeping an eye out for apartment complexes that you would like to target.

Write down 5 Apartment Complexes you would like to Ground Market to.

If you decide to make a bigger list (more than 5) then that's awesome!

Make the list as big as you'd like but it has to have a minimum of 5 Apartment Complexes.

Then... get ready... because we are going to be Ground Marketing to these locations on your list!




Now that you have your list of Apartment Complexes you will be visiting (which by the way, feel free to share your list with me in our Facebook Group: Ground Marketing)… it’s time to get into the strategy!

This strategy will NOT be done over the phone.This strategy involves you WALKING INTO the Apartment Complex.

This also means you need to do research and see what days and times they are open. You do not want to go to an Apartment Complex... pull up... and then realize it's closed.

I don't want you to waste time.

So just Google Search the apartment complex.Then either click on maps and find the apartments you want to get into and seethe times they close and open.



Once you have done that... now it's time to start heading out to these apartments!

Here is the strategy and script you will say once you walk into the apartment complex:

When you go visit the Apartment Complex, you want to walk-in with NOTHING in hand. Just walk in and use the script:

You: Hello!

Them: Hello!

You: I was wondering if you guys distribute NEW MOVE-IN PACKETS?

THEM: yes/ no/ we should.

You: (if they say YES) oh awesome! I’m actually with the dental office right here –point in that location- and wanted to see if we could have our information in your NEW MOVE-IN PACKETS?

Them: YES!

You: Ok awesome! I actually have some gift certificates/ flyers in the car, if that’s ok? I can just go get them really quick.

Them: YEAH!

You: (go to the car.. get the flyers)

You: (give them flyers) and then say: I also wanted to give you guys and the employees here (an incentive) if that’s ok with you?

THEM: of course it is!!

You: Wonderful! When should I come back to pick up the sign-up sheet?

THEM: (tells you date and time)

You: Wonderful! I'll also come back with new move-in flyers. I also wanted to know… by any chance do you guys do any events for the residents?

THEM: (if they say YES)

You: Oh cool! Do you think we could ever participate and like set-up a small booth and give ALL the residents here free toothbrushes, paste, mouthwash, floss and more?

THEM: Yes of course!

You: (Schedule a date and time you can participate at their event AND don’t forget to come back and pick up the sign-up sheet as well)

That's it!

A couple pointers I want you to keep in mind is:

1. Be Casual. Don't walk in there with clipboards, a gift basket, pamphlets, and you in a suit. You need to be as casual as possible. A good example is just pretending like you were walking by after lunch and said to yourself "hey since I'm here, might as well check this place out". Have a coffee in hand if possible! That's how casual I need you to be.

2. Don't give them 100s of flyers. Just give them around 10 for their new move in packets. If they tell you "this is to little" then that's fine... when you come back to pick up the sign-up sheet you can always bring more. This goes along with our next point.

3. Remember, you are building a pipeline, a relationship with this Apartment Complex. You want consistent new patients coming from here. Consistent referrals. So treat them well and they will do the same in return.

Some start-ups I have worked with have built a huge part of their patients base off of Ground Marketing to Apartments alone!

If you are enrolled into our signature course, then you already know this strategy from top to bottom...and you know what to do if the manager says "no" to the new move-in packets, no to events, or provides you with any objections and more! We always have all our members covered!



It’s time to put this strategy to the test! That way you can see EXACTLY how it’s done in real time when you are on the spot!


I recorded myself showing you exactly how to do this strategy.


Watch as I:


·     Easily find an apartment complex

·     See what I bring

·     How I go in and talk to the employees

·     How I come out with new patients

Watch here:

In our signature course, we teach this strategy, step by step, to you and your team. You'll have multiple detailed scripts, training videos, more videos to study and watch, and everyone who is apart of our signature course has an open line to me and my team for questions or concerns.

Just imagine... if you did this strategy with every...single... apartment complex in your community!

You and I both know the results will be tremendous!

Talk about getting new patients immediately AND consistently!

Also, believe it or not... the dentist who I gave these leads too... is STILL getting referrals and attracting new patients from this ONE apartment complex!

Now that you know an amazing strategy that WILL get you new patients, I want you to execute and do it.


I don’t just want you bookmarking this article or saving it for later. I want you to see the results!


Go out and execute!

Share this article with your Ground Marketer, Marketing Director, or your WHOLE team!


Let me know the results!


...and if you are interested in enrolling into The Ground Marketing Course (our signature course) feel free to enroll here, my team and I can’t wait to see you inside and help you get the new patients you want and need… immediately and consistently!


Contact us today to start crushing it with ground marketing.