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Posted by one of The Dental Marketers on August 21, 2016

How To Market To Apartment Complexes In Your Community.


Marketing at Apartment Complexes


Gone are the days where most apartments let you freely just put door hangers on the doors and people will instantly call or go door to door promoting your product.


If some apartment complexes still let you do this, then by all means take advantage of this opportunity and create door hangers and put them on each apartment door! You may not get amazing ROI but you will at least get a couple customers who will want work done, and this production that’s done on the new patient will pay for those door hangers.


However, you want to be able to speak to the community, not just leave cards, hangers, and flyers along with every other pizza delivery service flyer!


What you need to do is go to the front office and ask them politely and nicely:


Your marketer: Do you guys give your residents “new move-in” packets?

Apartment Manager: Yes, we do!

Your marketer: Awesome! Can I drop off some gift certificates/ flyers for the “new move-in” packets?

Apartment Manager: Of course!

Your marketer: *either have the flyers/ certificates in your hand already or go get them in your car*


Most apartment complexes give their new residents little gift packets with flyers, discounts, and freebies from certain places in the local community as a “Welcome to the community; we can’t wait to see you so hurry and come check us out”!


It’s smart to at least be in there even if they do not make an immediate call from your flyer that they received from the apartment’s “new move in” packet.


Remember marketing is repetitive and needs consistency, you will be the first dentistry they see if you decide to make this move first, and maybe the next day or next week they’ll bump into your marketer/ advertising at their job or near the local community stores and remember the flyer they received in their “new move in” packet and sign-up or they just may call immediately from the flyer.


Every marketing tool and technique is a piece of the puzzle to your marketing campaigns.


Partnering Up with Property Managers



Go above and beyond with impressing the apartment complex’s staff/ property managers and see if they have any events coming up.


You are already in and now you are going in weekly or monthly dropping off flyers/ gift certificates to the apartments for their “new move in” packets.


Keep building that relationship.


Email the marketing manager for the apartment complex or email the property manager weekly without fail asking them if they need anything from your dentistry (more flyers, gift certificates, etc.).



Next ask them, in person, if they have any resident pool parties, pet day, resident wine tasting, resident appreciation day, health fairs, or any small or big events coming up. Normally, every single apartment complex has something going on monthly, ALWAYS!



If by any chance they tell you “no, we don’t have anything going on” then give them the ideas I stated above and state how you can sponsor these events and provide free hygiene kits and amazing information to everyone who comes. Give the property managers the idea and tell them to encourage their current residents to invite their friends and families.



Their friends and families can receive tours of the property and free food from the apartment and free hygiene kits from you! Make sure the apartment complex and you partner up on some type of raffle where everyone can enter, and have everyone just fill out their name and number in order to win a specific prize. Then share that information between you and the apartment complex. You can personally call everyone who entered in the raffle and say “you won a free whitening” to everyone! This all depends on what you are willing to give away.



Now, if the property manager does tell you they have events happening during the week/ month then just ask if you can participate and give everyone free stuff and valuable information! 99.9999999% they will say “of course”!


Try these approaches and you will always stay busy and productive! Just imagine how many new patients are in your two apartment complexes next to you right now!



These are all new potential patients who, believe it or not, just because they are live near you, does not mean they have even heard or seen you!

So go to them and be visible. The residents in these apartments are either someone looking for a better deal, looking for a great dentist who accepts their insurance because they haven’t had the chance to look through their insurance provider, looking for a better dentist because the one they have now just isn’t cutting it, or they are brand new to your community.


So go track down how many apartments are in your community and now go and build these relationships and market your dental office

Listen here fore more apartment marketing information and how to guarantee a better success rate in attracting new patients

Posted by one of The Dental Marketers on August 21, 2016

Are You A Dentist or A Lifestyle Enhancer?


So I know you’re reading the title and thinking “yeah I know we improve lives already!” but do you? Does your practice show that? If there is a type of service or some sort of product that enhances or upgrades a person’s lifestyle, then they are going to want the best. However, when it comes to something useful but very practical, we tend to want the cheapest.
Look at the bigger picture here:


We normally tend to buy the bigger TV with all the HD gizmos and upgrades. However, we buy a cheap TV stand or a fifty dollar DVD player instead of a two hundred dollar DVD player because, well, they both simply do the same job! Most men don’t buy their undershirts at Macy’s or Nordstrom they go get the package deal at Wal Mart or Target! Why? Because no one sees the undershirt and they all pretty much do the same job, it’s mostly a necessity like socks, but really nothing more to the majority of people.

Until someone changes that…
Well guess what? Most people in your local community see you, your dentistry, as something practical, only a necessity. Unfortunately most people in your community or neighborhood understand that they need you for “maintenance” but really nothing more. So what do most people do? They tend to look for the best deals, the cheapest dentistry or the best bang for their buck. They just want their pain taken away the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way possible and never have to deal with you for a long time!
Until someone changes that…


You need to change that mindset in your local community and the first step you need to take is to know what type of dentistry you are. Do you just fix cavities or straighten teeth or do you take pain away and create a smile that’s comforting for the patient?
If you’re a general dentist do you let your patients and local community know you do cleanings, root canal for a certain “low” price, and fillings?
If you’re a cosmetic dentist do your patients and local community know you do veneers, fix chipped teeth, “free lifetime whitenings” as long as they are regular with their visits or “whitenings as low as___”?
If you’re a orthodontist does the local community know you put metal braces on kids or adults for a certain price and you have the best orthodontist in town?
Well, cool story bro… These are features not benefits and letting the community know this will just have most of them looking like they still need convincing or more.



List the benefits. No one cares if you have the latest Kodak blah blah blah, only the dentist down the street cares. Your potential patients only want to hear ways to enhance their lives and you need to either tell them or create that awareness in them.

Let me give you three examples:

  • General Dentist: Whether you’re enjoying your first date at your favorite restaurant eating yummy dessert pain-free or talking to your date without having to worry if you carried any mints with you. We’ve got you covered; sincerely, your wingman.
  • Cosmetic Dentist: Are you an avid coffee drinker or smoker [insert photo of yellow teeth]. Yup, we can all tell. We’ll get those messy stains right off and have you ready for the weekend.
  • Orthodontist: EASY! [Have a picture of three different girls all smiling and one of the three has really crooked teeth. Make sure they all have slightly different eyebrows, make sure they all have some sort of lipstick or lip gloss on, and they all have some sort of eyeliner on *but not drastic eyeliner*, have one girl with shorter hair, and another with highlights or something and ask] Can you spot the difference?

Now these are not all slogans or phrases to pitch to your clients. These are examples of what happens when you list benefits and know what type of dentistry you are. You understand how you can market your services and how you enhance your potential patient’s lifestyle.



The first one is general dentist. Notice you didn’t say “hey we fix cavities, do cleanings, blah blah blah”. We are creating an image in the client’s head or maybe a scenario that has happened before. They may have hurtful cavities or major sensitivity. We are letting the patient know we aren’t just your local dentist, we are your friend, we care, we are your wingman/woman *wink face*
The next one is cosmetic dentistry. Here we let the picture do some speaking and then we ask a simple question and give a straight answer. We let the client or whoever is looking and reading this know that “hey, we all think you need a teeth whitening”. Now you have every coffee drinker and smoker checking the mirror and seeing if their teeth are too yellow. You are letting them also know you can get them ready for their big thing this weekend or letting them know you can get their teeth pearly white as soon as this weekend!
The third one was orthodontist. In the example above, we are letting the picture do most of the talking. Although most women spend so much time and money on their make-up and hair, what do most people notice, the smile. Therefore, when people say “yeah the difference is one lady has crooked teeth” point out that there are mostly other differences but what do most people mainly notice first or only notice? You already know *wink face with a slight smirk*
So figure out what type of dentist you are and then push ways you can enhance your patients and your local community’s lives; because remember people spend on ways to enhance their lifestyle but hate spending on the necessities or the maintenance, so the majority WILL spend the least amount possible if they see you as something utilitarian.
You didn’t join this field to become practical, you joined it to be phenomenal. Show it in every aspect.

Posted by one of The Dental Marketers on August 21, 2016

The “Back To School” Marketing Approach That Has Yet To Fail Me!

So this is an article that I wrote for a Rancho Cucamonga dentist. However, I am reposting it on here not for the sake of posting something but I really want you to read it and understand just how the statistics of what this article states can impact and guide your next marketing move.


Right now everyone is going back to school.


Ok we know that, but with this information I don’t want you to just do a “hey get your teeth bleached with our ‘back to school’ special”. I see so much of that crap going on its mega saturated now! No, I want you to really dive into this information and just see how we can attack the consumer’s emotional side and use this to guide them to your dental office. I also want you to keep in mind an older population (students in grad school, universities, community college, high school, etc.)


So read it and I’ll talk to you at the end.


Where is your “going back to school” money really going?

smiling picture

We all know the first day of school can be exciting, overwhelming, nerve-racking, and cause anxiety! Heck, you’re probably thinking weeks or months in advance what you will be wearing on the first day of school. This applies to all of us whether you are in middle school or in college!


This is completely understandable, you are going to meet new friends, see old friends and teachers, and make brand new first impressions and make new second impressions as well! The dentist in Rancho Cucamonga wants you to always leave great impressions everywhere you go. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “here goes a pitch of making sure your smile is straight or whatever for school so come to this Rancho Cucamonga dentist”.


NOPE! This article is a little different!


Study shows…

Did you know, according to the National Retail Federation, that about 55% of consumers plan to purchase apparel more than any back to school product! This study was done in 2015; they expect this number to increase in 2016 by August 9th!


This lets us know one thing, appearance is a big factor for not only you (whether you’re a parent or college student) but it is a major factor for whoever you are appearing in front of!


Now, according to recent surveys and studies, about 37 percent of people will notice your smile first. This percentage is higher than people noticing your eyes, weight, hair, and nose first! Here is the real kicker, 78 percent of people correlate that adults with crooked teeth are unsuccessful and 14 percent feel that if they fixed their teeth they would be getting a better job opportunity!


This is amazing! This means that you can spend as much as you want on your back to school appearance, spend hundreds on apparel, make-up, even a new car, but what the majority of people will notice is your smile and from that point on draw conclusions!


It’s time…


So I guess what I am saying here is, it’s time to get your smile right for, not only going back to school, but for the rest of your life. Don’t let your smile be something holding you back! The last thing the Rancho Cucamonga dentist want is you to feel even more anxiety on picture day!


I can understand that you do need new apparel, school supplies, electronics, books, tuition and more; but do not neglect your dental health. Get started on making your smile right by finally fixing your teeth! Get a teeth whitening for back to school, start your Invisalign procedure (don’t worry most Rancho Cucamonga dentist like Choice Family Dentistry, take monthly payments) fix your chipped tooth, replace your missing tooth, or replace your silver fillings; just get started now.


Make sure you make a great first impression going back to school and make this school year one to smile about for a lifetime!


Hey I’m back! Ok so what can we learn from this article? Many things! People who say they don’t have money have money for back to school products, more than half of the population who is returning to school thinks of their appearance as a major priority, and a large portion of the population notices something specific when they first meet someone, their teeth!

It can NOT get any much easier than this! We now know who your target population is from here (today) until ends of September, it is everyone who is going back to school (college students, grad students, even high schoolers).

Next step, bring awareness that their appearance means a whole lot more than just deciding what shirt to wear, remember a great smile never goes out of style. Bring this to the light in your local community to your target market.(Bring this to light even with your patients that you already have).


Third step, make yourself easily accessible to anyone going back to school who may even show a slight interest. Remember people still “despise” the dentist and honestly most people don’t have a separate savings/ budget for dentistry so make yourself super easily accessible. (Good example of what you can do is offer “free back to school screenings” for your local college/ schools).

Once you are able to see the new potential patients in the chair/ office; let the assistant, doctor, hygienist discreetly diagnose with emotion.


Don’t start saying “ok you have too much crowding going on, and you’re going to need to take out wisdom teeth, and replace some fillings”, NOPE!


I want you to start talking to the patient as if they’re your mom, dad, brother, or sister; say things like “You have such a contagious laugh! I bet you’re always smiling! Why don’t I get you some bleach trays to make sure your teeth are always white when you’re smiling? Actually you want to know what’s even better than bleach trays? Veneers, and with veneers it’ll even eliminate the small little gap in your smile”!


Even if the patient didn’t say what she thought what was wrong with her smile remember you saw it, you noticed it, and if she didn’t notice it before now she did and it will be in the back of her mind until she fixes it! (We will touch on this subject on another article).


So instead of doing a “back to school 50% OFF whitening” specials and that’s it; take the statistics and information above and use it to the most of your advantage and get creative with it! If you do I guarantee  your new potential patient will become a lifetime patient instead of a “bargain hunter” type of patient. Remember every dentist down the road has thought of and is doing the same special you are probably doing.


Be different.


Help your “back to schoolers” understand that school is only the beginning to the real world, and your there to help them give a great first impression to the real world.