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Posted by one of The Dental Marketers on December 20, 2017

An Insanely Simple Way of Getting New Dental Patients by Ground Marketing to Gyms


It’s a new year, and it’s a great time to try ground marketing. And where else would we go in a fantastic new year, but to the gym!  Everyone’s there. If you work out all year long, you know that the gym is absolutely packed with people trying to improve themselves. 


So, what do you do with this huge inflow of people, besides get annoyed that you can’t get on a treadmill? You get new patients by doing some guerrilla-style marketing!



Find Gyms in Your Neighborhood


Don’t pick one that’s too far. Otherwise, you’ll get people who won’t want to make the drive.  The best facilities are the ones that are closest to your office, and preferably on the same street or corner.


When I go to the gym, I’m always looking for services in the area I can use too. Why? Because it’s convenient. The gym is kind of like an errand–something you have to do in town. When you’re out running an errand, you’re looking for ways to maximize your time in that area.


Things like grocery shopping before and after a workout, pumping gas, picking up laundry, and you guessed it…. going to the dentist. 


Popular gyms will have tons of people flowing in and out. They are usually well-staffed and have a lot to offer members. These are exactly the kind of people we want to have as our ideal clients… the ones who’ll stop at nothing to take care of themselves.



Call the Gym Manager


The next step is to call the gym or stop by. Most gym managers are easy-going, but it will help to show them that you’re in the same business. Now, I know you think I’m crazy, but yes! You both cater to people’s health! Show them that you genuinely care about people’s health, and you’ll win them over because that’s why they’re there too. 


Ask them what their busiest day of the week is, and tell them you’ll be giving away free dental goodies. Gyms love to give away free stuff to their members because it makes them look good and it gets people excited. 


You’ve seen it, right? Free protein bar samples, free new snack sample, free drink. Well, give them your coolest stuff. Even a toothbrush will work, because who doesn’t need a new one, right?


You get the idea. Let the gym manager know you’ll be by on the most popular day for four hours, and voila…you have an appointment to score tons of brand new patients!




Set Up a Booth at the Gym


Have an employee of yours go to the gym well in advance of the appointment time so they can set up an attractive table, along with the goodies. The manager will probably have already thought about where you could set up, but the best place would be where there are lots of people. Right next to the front door is the best option with gyms because you can catch people when they’re coming and going.



What Do You Do When You’re There?


Have free goodie bags ready, along with dental items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. And don’t forget to include a super-fantastic deal on a dental service! A free dental exam is ideal, because they can get a feel for your service, and you can tell them about all the reasons they need to come back to see you again.


Which of your employees should go and do your ground marketing? Give them the one who smiles and greets clients the most—usually the front desk person. This person is also typically familiar with your dental services and insurance, so they’ll be able to answer any questions that arise. Plus, they know how to flash a great smile and make people feel good. 





Letting people see that your employees are real people will make them feel more comfy. Remember, people do business with people they know, like, and trust. So, it’s up to you to make all of this happen as fast as you can. 


What do you do when you’re there? Take names, phone numbers, and emails, and then watch your new patient list explode!



Why Does This Work?


People in the community choose to spend their time and money with people they know. By going and joining them at the gym, you become a memorable aspect of their lives and not just a random office on the corner.


Always remember that most people are blind to dental offices. To us, they’re our entire livelihood. But to other people, dental offices are practically invisible. So, it’s up to you to come out of the woodwork so they can see you!


I’ve seen this method work time and time again, and it’s the surefire way to capture new clients for your dental practice.


So, let’s bring in the new year with fantastic clients who want to look and feel healthier. The time is now!


What are you doing in your community to get new patients?


Do you need help finding these gyms or getting permission to set-up? 


Do you want to create a deeper rapport with local businesses? Do you want to attend & participate in tons of community events? It’s time you became a brand authority in your community (the dentist you MUST see). 


I got your back!


I offer ground marketing services and I can personally train your employees to do it too, so you can bring new patients in through the door. 


Contact me on The Dental Marketer. I’d love to start helping you get the new patients you need for a successful 2018!

Posted by one of The Dental Marketers on October 12, 2017

3 Hidden Things I Learned That Provided Instant Results.


As you guys know, or maybe you don’t, I have a new web series called: Ground Marketing: Web Series. They are more of a tutorial or a ride-a-long on how I do some of the tactics I talk about on the podcast. Well, I want to talk about one tactic.


This tactic is a wonderful tactic but the results I received from it were quite different than I and a couple practice owners expected! So I want to share my results and what exactly happened.


First off, if you are NOT watching the Ground Marketing Web Series….. I highly recommend you do so… I mean, it is only more training on how to attract new patients through Ground Marketing! Anyways, on episode two I show you exactly what I do and what happens when I did a tactic. 


Let’s call this tactic: The Senior Citizen Strategy. Now this strategy consist of me going to a retirement home/ a senior citizen living facility and marketing to all the residents who live there. The end result is for me to try and get these seniors interested in the dental practice I am marketing and ready to sign-up which means they will provide me there name, phone number, and best time to reach them at. 


Let’s start from the beginning…


Typically the way I market to these residents is I go in with the intention to give free stuff, listen to their concerns, answer any questions, possibly teach a little about dentistry, and finally offer them an incentive. The incentive has to be juicy enough that the resident is willing to exchange with me their contact information for the incentive. In this occasion I was doing “Free Exams & Free Consultations”.


So I get to the Senior Citizen Living Facility and meet with the director, I don’t carry anything with me yet and leave my whole set-up in the car because I don’t know where I am setting up yet and I don’t want to be carrying around my freebies everywhere. So first, I just get out of the car with my coffee in my hand and go into the Senior Citizen Home and ask for the director. I see the director and she sees me and recognizes me, we meet and talk for a little and then I ask her “where should I set-up my booth”? I noticed one thing after I asked this….. originally the director was ready to put me into a corner spot, a location that not many residents pass by or approach at all, then she said “I think you should be here instead because it is right in the hall, next to the elevator and bathroom, and everyone has to pass you to get to the lunch area and common area”…. The director even had to kick out someone else who always sets-up there so I can set-up my booth in this prime location instead! I thought to myself “this is perfect” but I wonder why she changed her mind and decided to put me here…. Then it hit me…. Building rapport. I walked in there and talked to the director for a bit, I asked the director about her job, her family, how she is feeling today, then I started talking about dentistry with her and asking her if she would like a “Free Whitening” (I made it seem exclusive and how it was NOT for the residents). So then that is when she saw the location she originally had me set-up at and decided she could do better and will put me in a better spot!




Once I knew where I was going to place my booth I went back to the car and grabbed all the free goodies I was going to give to the residents. I went inside and started setting up the booth. Once I was done setting up the booth I was starting to take my camera out to record the vlog and show you how I am speaking to people who approach the booth… but in the middle of setting up the camera the director came over and she immediately wanted to sign-up for the “Free Whitening”. Now remember, I was only giving “Free Whitening” to her and I was giving “Free Exams & Consultations” to the residents. So she wrote her contact information down and grabbed some free goodies (goodies are toothpaste, toothbrushes, pamphlets, floss, etc.). Once the director was leaving I continued to set up my camera.


As you can see in video number 2 in the Ground Marketing: Web Series titled UNEXPECTED SURPRISE-VLOG 2 people were walking by and I would greet them and create small talk, and some more residents would walk by and I would do the same… greet them and create small talk. This was going on for some time, it wasn’t until an employee came and said “what is this?” then I explained how I am with a dental practice and we are offering the residents there some goodies and “Free Exams”, then the employee said “oh that’s great! So this stuff is only for the residents then, huh”?….. Then it hit me… why should it only be for the residents!? It should be for anyone here interested in a dentist! So I told the employee “No it’s for you too! Actually… we are doing Free Whitening just for the employees here”! This created a sense of urgency and you can tell the serotonin levels in the employee boosted up! She was happy and grabbed some free goodies and signed up. But here is the interesting part…. After she signed up she decided to ask me about Invisalign. She was talking about how she has always been interested in fixing her bite but has never looked into it, her previous dentist only mentioned to it once and then when her previous dentist found out her insurance didn’t cover much of anything… he never mentioned it again. Well guess what, this employee just became a full-time employee and now she has a different insurance plan, a MUCH better plan. She even told me “can we do a Invisalign consultation instead of the free whitening”? I, of course, said YES!


Now, while this employee was grabbing the last bit of her goodies, more employees saw what she was doing and decided to participate and approach the booth as well. These employees (about 2 more) came and asked what I was doing, so I explained and I also offered them the “Free Whitening”. They were very intrigued and decided to sign-up then one of the two employees asked me if they could bring their children because they have not gone to the dentist in a while. I, of course, said YES.


As these 2 employees were grabbing goodies and talking more employees passed by and started asking what I was doing there. I explained and also offered them “Free Whitening”. They signed up for the “Free Whitening”, however, some had extra questions. One employee asked me about the type of insurance we accept, this let me know that they were looking for a dentist. Another employee asked me if we work on children’s tooth, this let me know that they are looking for a family dentist (they don’t want to have to drive to separate dentists, on for their kids, and one for the parents). Another employee asked and showed me their missing teeth and how they can only chew on one side, this let me know this employee has been neglecting a dentist and I needed to know the “why” behind the neglection. Another employee approached me and asked me about Invisalign too, he stated how he has always wanted straighter teeth since he was in grade school but his parent’s couldn’t afford it. Now that he is working the desire to have straighter teeth is still in him…. In fact, the night before I was at the Senior Homes he told me that he was talking to his wife about getting Invisalign or braces! I thought to myself “that’s crazy how you had that discussion just last night and here I am this morning”!


All these people and many more (if you look at the video) signed up! Some signed up for the free whitening but most of the employees who signed up for the free whitening were looking for something more! We barely even talked about the “Free Whitening”!




There is a reason why I am writing about this! This event taught me a couple of things:


  1. When marketing to the residents in the Senior Homes… market to the employees as well, they may just be your target customer. I see it like this, the seniors take time to build rapport and most of them may be interested or most seniors just really don’t care anymore about their teeth. If that is the case, then don’t forget to market to the employees! So many times people go to these Senior Homes ready to give the seniors free stuff, but who is giving the employees free stuff?
  2. Just because your incentive is “Free Whitening” doesn’t mean you are just giving out free services to everyone and that’s it. If they sign-up this means they care about their appearance A LOT. This may also mean they signed up not just for the free whitening, but also because they have a deeper dental issue they want to take care of, or they may be looking for a new dentist, or something dental related has pooped up into their life and you are the first REAL person who has approached them with answers to their concerns.
  3. This day I did not sign-up one Senior Citizen resident. I signed up nothing but employees. This tells me that “Free Exams & Consultations” don’t work so well as an incentive for seniors. What I should’ve done is listen better, most of the residents kept saying how “the dentist is too expensive” or “I know what I need and I just can’t afford it” or “I don’t have anymore teeth, so I don’t need a dentist”. I should’ve probed more and asked if they are using denture since they have no more teeth and are the denture comfortable? Have they ever thought about implants? Do you know we offer financing to make anything affordable? Since you know what you need, what is it that you need and how can we make it happen for you?


If you haven’t viewed the video UNEXPECTED SURPRISE-VLOG 2 go do it and you can see my experience. I think I still came out winning because I am able to go back and re-visit the residents whenever I can and at the same time I was able to leave with interested sign-ups (the employees). Next time you are going to market to senior citizens, I recommend you take these pointers in mind.





INSTAGRAM (you can talk to me more 1 on 1 here)

I offer coaching to dentists struggling to increase their new patient numbers by getting out into the community and bringing traffic through the front door. If you want more helpful tips like these, or you want me to work one-on-one with you or a member of your staff, click here to learn more, or contact me at: michael@thedentalmarketer.site

Posted by one of The Dental Marketers on June 20, 2017

How to Attract New Patients From Your Local Post Office


If you haven’t tried marketing to your local post office, you’re missing out. The post office is the second largest employer in the United States, according to the U.S. Postal Service Website. Postal employees need dental care, and that’s where you come in.


The post office offers huge potential if you’re a dentist. This ground marketing tactic is simple to do and ingenious because no one is doing it. If you’ve done the usual marketing techniques like social media and postcards, you might be out of fresh ideas.


Reaching out to companies is a great way to earn more business. Once you realize that government agencies are run by individuals, you can begin strategizing a campaign to bring employees in for teeth cleanings.


Keep reading to find out how to launch an effective marketing campaign to your local post office to bring customers through your door.


Start with a Connection at the Post Office


The easiest way to market is through a connection you’ve already made. Do you have a customer who works at the post office? Maybe you chat with the person who delivers your mail. If you haven’t encountered a postal worker in a while, try making friends with one.


One of the easiest ways to make a connection with a postal worker is to be nice to the front counter person that helps you with your packages or stamps. If you make enough weekly trips to the post office, he or she will begin to recognize and chat with you.


If you still don’t have that special post office connection, don’t fear. Read on to find out another clever tactic you can do to get yourself through the side door of your local post office.



Phone your Local Post Office


If you don’t have any post office buddies, your next option is to pick up the phone and dial their number. You can make a small script ahead of time, but here are some guidelines:


All post offices have someone who makes decisions and it’s important that you speak to someone who will be able to give you permission to sell your services. Ask to speak to the post office manager.


Once you’re on the phone, let them know that a couple of their employees have tried your dental practice. Ask them if you could give the rest of the employees and their families free hygiene kits, coupons, or goodie bags loaded with toothbrushes and floss.


If they say yes, you’re in. You can set up a small booth in the breakroom with the free items and information. You could even do a lunch and learn where you speak to postal employees about their teeth and the services you offer.




Getting your foot in the door of your local post office is a great way to earn more potential business. Once you gain traction with one branch, it will be much easier to work on the second–especially if they have social proof that the other offices are allowing you to sell your services too.


Have you tried marketing to your local post office or any other governmental agency? If so, how did it go?


I offer coaching to dentists interested in knowing how to increase revenue by getting out into the community to bring traffic through the front door. If you want more helpful tips like these, or you want me to work one-on-one with you or a member of your staff, click here to learn more, or contact me at michael@thedentalmarketer.site.

Posted by one of The Dental Marketers on June 15, 2017

Why Ground Marketing is Ultra-Effective for Your Dental Practice.

If you’re a new dentist or you’ve been practicing dentistry for a while, you’re probably constantly thinking about smart ways to get clients in the door. You have a solid website, and you’re researching ways to market online, or maybe you’re doing pay-per-click ads.


Digital marketing, like social media and internet advertising, are no-brainers for most businesses, but have you considered face-to-face marketing?


Ground marketing is a way to build relationships in the community where your dental practice is located. This kind of marketing is a must if you’re a local business and you want to increase your customer base. Here’s why:



Ground Marketing Attracts Customers During Offline Times


Let’s face it: People are not online 24/7. They go to work, they go shopping, they go to school, and do other activities in their community. Why not be where they are?


You could participate in events, or even host them yourself. You could talk to kids and parents at schools, or be present at an employee health fair.


This is a great time to set up a table and offer them a free toothbrush kit, or to get to know more about them. It’s an easy way to build rapport with community members and not be invisible.

Person-to-Person Contact Creates Trust


People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Getting out into the community speeds up that process. They get to see you and your employees as friendly, honest people, and not only as an online, digital ad.


When customers see you participating and connecting with them, they will begin to think of you as the authority dentist, or the go-to person when they need dental service. Essentially, it shows people you’re real and that they can trust you with their oral health.



You Get Better Contact Information


Because you are talking face-to-face with people in the community, they’re much more likely to give you private information like their phone number, their insurance information, ongoing dental issues, and the list goes on. Try asking for that info online, and you could be met with silence.


It’s all about trust. People are much more likely to be open with you if you’re having face-to-face dialogue. Once you build that rapport, you’ll create loyalty within a customer. They may not even need services right away, but when they do, your name is on their radar.


Ground marketing is a highly effective

way for dentists to get more clients and increase profit. It doesn’t mean you need to replace your digital marketing efforts with ground marketing. It means you should do both. All brick and mortar businesses should have both online and local presence in the community.


Have you thought about ground marketing for your dental business? The Dental Marketer offers coaching to dentists interested in knowing how to increase revenue by getting out into the community to bring traffic through the front door. Click here to learn more or contact The Dental Marketer at michael@thedentalmarketer.site

Posted by one of The Dental Marketers on April 14, 2017

5 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language



Marketing your business and appealing to your patients can be tough, especially from a psychological standpoint. Fortunately, words are free. The English language is filled with “power words” that, through research and the wisdom of professional speakers, have been shown to influence people more effectively than others.


These terms can instantly grab the attention of your clients because they excel at one important task—solving problems in such a way that feels easy, personal, and individualized for your audience.


Surprisingly, these words are extremely simple. In fact, we use them every single day. Don’t expect to triple your client base just by throwing these words into your emails and treatments. Power words will not be effective unless you use them properly, and with a particular goal in mind.


Little did you know that I used each of these words in the paragraphs above! I know, I know; that was sneaky, but now I will lead you through them. Let’s explore the five most persuasive words in the English language and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life.


1. You

As human beings, we enjoy being referred to. Research has shown that individuals will pay more for products and services if they feel personalized. Think about it; our names are instinctually tied to our self-perception, which can greatly influence our decisions.


It can be difficult to use individual names when marketing on the internet; however, using email lists that plug in the names of your clients can be extremely beneficial. Additionally, you can build trust with your patients by using their names while presenting treatment.

persuasive words



2. Free

Well, yeah—everybody likes free.


Several experiments have proven that individuals will choose items or services that are labeled as “free,” even when the respective values are equal. Psychologists pinpoint loss aversion as the cause for this phenomenon. In other words, humans hate missing out on things. Free products or services can be particularly upsetting to miss.



3. Because

People are more likely to trust individuals who give clear-cut reasons for their actions and desires. Fortunately, this phenomenon can be extremely useful in the medical field.


Why should people use your practice? What places your business above the competition? When marketing your practice and speaking with potential clients, justify yourself with the word “because.” Studies have shown that phrasing questions with this power word can lead to better outcomes than when the same question is phrased without it. Why? Because it works!



4. Instantly

When you understand where the magic of this word comes from, you’ll be able to achieve the same effect with words like “immediately,” “directly,” and even “fast.”


People like immediacy. If somebody has a problem, their brains will flood with pleasure when they hear about an instant solution. When marketing your business and discussing treatment options with your patients, sprinkle in this power word.


Warning: Do not make promises you can’t keep! You might find yourself with unhappy clients and damaging trust issues.



5. New

The concept behind this word may sound contradictory, but you can make drastic improvements to your marketing strategy after sorting it out.


Research has shown that people trust familiar brands. So, how can “new” and different offers win over your audience? The secret lies in maintaining the original authenticity of your business while advertising the “newness” of changing options and procedures. In other words, people like hearing about better solutions when they’re offered by trusted sources.




Congratulations! Now you can take advantage of your reformed vocabulary and make fantastic changes to your business. Be mindful about how you speak to clients, patients, and even your family and friends. Who knows—you might notice some improvements in your personal life as well




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