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Posted by The Dental Marketer on July 26, 2017

#73: How to rank higher on Google immediately with Justin Morgan


Episode 73 is hot, fresh, and ready for you to listen and for you also to start taking action today! In this episode we dive into the world of SEO. So many major companies (not going to say any names) make it seem like SEO is this huge jigsaw puzzle that can never be solved and that you shouldn’t spend your time understanding. FALSE! My guest breaks down exactly what SEO is, what it consists of, and how to use it to your advantage. One thing I will mention is that, SEO is always changing. As long as updates exist in Google, Yandex, Bing, pretty much any search engines, then SEO will always be forever changing. The amazing thing is, it is changing for the better! It is changing to better improve the user experience.


My guest, Justin Morgan, lets us know exactly how to start ranking higher in the search engines immediately. What we can do today and also what NOT to do! Many of us today, are still obsessing over “keywords” and keyword stuffing” but in reality we need to think about, what is our content about? Is it unique? Is it engaging? Is it portraying your brand? This all needs to be kept in mind but most importantly, who else is backing up our content? Also, if you already have an SEO company that is working for you, do you know what they are doing exactly? Justin Morgan lets us know what to ask specifically from our SEO company. Tune in and listen to see exactly how to start ranking higher in your search engine immediately.


Justin Morgan is the CEO and founder of what most of us affectionately refer to as the “DMG.” From all circles within the dental industry who address dental marketing as a topic, Justin Morgan is the dental marketing guy that everyone keeps talking about. Justin credits much of his dental marketing knowledge to Fred Joyal, the creator of 1-800-DENTIST, and the author of the book “Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy For Dental Practice Growth.” He can be found on the forums at providing valuable knowledge to dentists in need of marketing advice. Outside of work, Justin enjoys coaching wrestling and teaching mixed martial arts. He enjoys comedy flicks over horror movies and his favorite ice cream is moose tracks.


Justin Morgan Links:

The Dental Marketing Guy Website

Invisalinks SEO Course





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Posted by The Dental Marketer on July 15, 2017

#72: How to get your patients to instantly accept treatment with Heidi Mount


Welcome to episode 72 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! So happy you are tuning into this episode because IF you apply the strategies mentioned here…. your dental practice will go a long way and grow. I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing my featured guest: Heidi Mount, who we all know…. is one of the most innovative and results driven coach out there! I strongly suggest you not only listen to this episode but have your Office Manager and team listen to it and take notes!



Heidi and I touch so many remarkable topics, topics that are frustrating the dental practice today! We talk about how it is crucial to hire people with an “ownership mentality”. This means you need to find people who treat your business with the same care, IF NOT MORE, as you do. We also talk about the importance of Role Playing with your team. Do NOT think just because you have a “script” and heard it once you have it down, patients give so many different types of answers and you do not want to go back to your old habits. So if you hear a wonderful idea to start implementing into your practice… role play it. We also talk about a really hot topic, bettering your case presentation skills and case acceptance rate.



Heidi Mount has been working in the dental field since 1988.


Over 2 decades she was been licensed in 2 states as a dental assistant and had worked as an office manager. For many years, Heidi has been a virtual dental consultant. She worked in dental offices where 98% of the patients accepted the treatment plans presented and paid for them.


She has been featured on Dentistry Uncensored with Dr. Howard Farran, The Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs, Dentistrys Ideal practices with Jayme Amos, The Delivering Wow with Dr. Anissa Holmes, The Passionate Dentist With Dr. B, and more.


She is known for helping dentists and their teams all over the world make more profit on the next days’ schedule.









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Posted by The Dental Marketer on July 8, 2017

#71: The secrets every dentist should know with Doug Fettig.


In this episode I interview the wonderful keynote speaker Doug Fettig. Now Doug was the keynote speaker in the event I went to in San Diego called The Business Side of Dentistry, amazing speaker, outstanding knowledge bombs were dropped by this guy! In this episode we dive into so many topics…. all topics concerning you, your dental practice, your student loan debt, ANY debt, obligations, and more so drink some coffee and stay alert for this episode!


Doug tells us why it is important first and foremost to identify our personal goals. This is important to do because we have to know where you want to be and if you are even on the right path, if not, it’s time to start pivoting. We also learn how a dental practice owner HAS to be dynamic. Now many dental practice owners are dynamic but lack leadership skills, I personally have seen its case many times, but don’t worry Doug and I discuss what we can do to overcome this obstacle. We also discuss very heavily debt and planning for retirement, when should someone start planning for their retirement…. after they pay off all their debt? Doug answers this and we discuss what happened December 18,2015? (yep! it’s an important date that you should know about, so stay tuned!)


Doug has over two decades of experience as a CPA and a finance professional, providing him the unique ability to understand dentists’ needs and help them grow efficient and profitable practices. His insight allows him to effectively communicate business concepts to dental practices while strategically addressing tax, investment, and retirement planning needs. Doug has spoken at numerous dental seminars, academies, study groups, and vendor forums around the country and he is known for his energetic, engaging, and entertaining speaking style. As a dental business advisor, he is adept at collaborating with dental practices and incorporating Aldrich’s expertise to help dentists grow their practices and increase their profitability.


In addition to his professional speaking roles, Doug has been an Adjunct Faculty Member at Portland State University’s College of Business. Doug volunteered with nonprofit organization Precious Beginnings, serving as president and speaking at numerous medical and charitable events to further the mission of supporting parents with critically ill newborns.


Doug received a degree in Accounting from The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and his MBA from Regis


Aldrich Advisors Website





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Posted by The Dental Marketer on July 5, 2017

#70: How Two Office Managers Made $40,000 More In Just Three Months with Denise & Monica.

Heyo! We are at episode 70! Thirty more episodes until the big one zero zero (100!). I am excited for that and this episode. In this episode I was invited to an event to podcast with the key note speakers. The event was called the Business Side of Dentistry, and I highly recommend attending it next year for anyone looking to know more about… the business side of dentistry! In this interview you will hear background noises and moving of the microphone which I apologize but the information is fantastic.


First I interview Denise who is the office manager, and she expresses how to properly do case presentations and how the front office, or better yet, the whole dental practice, can communicate effectively to increase total production.


Next I talk with Monica who works in the same dental practice as Denise. Monica is more of an Assistant Manager, and she tells us her experiences with working with great dentists and their team to working with horrible dentists. She also lets us know the importance of using keywords when diagnosing and talking to a patient to have the patient more inclined to accept treatment. I personally never knew how important simple but effective keywords were when diagnosing and presenting a case to the patient. Monica gives us a couple examples we should definitely use!




Vatan Dental Group Website





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Posted by The Dental Marketer on June 30, 2017

#69: What every dentist needs to know immediately about their Financial Advisor with Reese Harper

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Episode 69 has arrived! I am excited about this episode, I learned so much just listening to all the knowledge bombs Reese kept sharing on this episode. We talk about a couple things in episode 69. We uncover the importance of branding and one thing Reese mentions that I absolutely love is how can we identify our brand as a dental practice. Here is a good way: what you say “no” to… is your brand. This means if you are accepting everything and taking all kinds of excuses from patients of why they can’t make payments, taking every single insurance under the sun, trying to do every single procedure then what type of brand are you creating for your dental practice?! However if you start saying no to certain types of insurance, certain types of patients, certain types of procedures and you FOCUS more on certain insurance, patients, and procedures… then NOW you are becoming something! Now your dental practice is creating it’s brand that will attract the patients you want depending on your vision and what you are letting happen in your dental practice.



Reese also helps you spot out the phoneys, the fakes, the financial advisors who aren’t qualified and are really out there just to make money for their own benefit. Not many financial advisors are qualified to give financial advice, so how many are qualified to give financial advice to dentist?! Don’t just trust or go with anyone, you need someone who has been in that business for a long time, has case studies and proven track records, and has worked with a multitude of dentists from different ranges. You will see how Reese and I dive into this with much more detail. We also touch so many more topics that you, as a dental practice owner, have either thought about, is thinking about, or needs to think about when it comes to managing money.



After Reese Harper started a financial planning firm, he moved to a new neighborhood and became good friends with a dentist.  They talked about work, and over time, Reese learned how challenging it is to be a dentist, especially in certain areas of the country.  His friend ran a successful practice, made good money, and had a great team; however, he still had a lot of financial concerns.  It wasn’t like he was just scraping by, but it seemed like he should be doing better financially than he said he was.  It appeared too much money was slipping through his hands.


This got Reese thinking: if a financial advisor doesn’t understand how a dental practice works, how is he going to put together a good retirement plan for a dentist?  Dental practice finances and personal finances are just too closely related.  This is what inspired Reese to create a retirement road map for dentists and specialists to help them prepare for a secure retirement.


Today, the team of financial advisors at Dentist Advisors are helping dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons all over the country navigate personal and practice financial decisions.  With their knowledge of the unique challenges and financial issues dentists face, they’re able to help dentists avoid poor financial decisions, increase their wealth, and achieve financial freedom.




Dentist Advisors Website

Dentist Money Podcast






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