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Posted by The Dental Marketer on July 3, 2017

M.M.M. -ONE- Coffee Shops


This is the first ever Monday Morning Marketing! I created this segment to share a marketing strategy or tactic that you can start doing today! This is being done by popular demand so I definitely want to see you guys not just listen, but take action and try these tactics. I want all my listeners to WIN! So this is episode one of Monday Morning Marketing. Time to share my first marketing tactic with you.


This tactic is so simple but can do open SO many doors for you and not only attract new patients, but also create more bran authority in your community. In this episode of Monday Morning Marketing I teach you a quick technique on how you can attract patients from your local coffee shops! Very simple, and very effective. They key is to stick to the script I mention in the show and ALWAYS have a follow-up, meaning a reason to come back. In this episode I give you a reason to come back and how you can mention it!


We know Starbucks gives their employees great benefits so, if you’re dental practice is near a Starbucks, I definitely want you to try this tactic out this week! If you are not near a Starbucks, then no worries! Try it for any local coffee shop, go to all of them, and use this tactic.


Let me know how it goes and take pictures and put them on your Instagram, let me know you are working and marketing with this tactic. Use the hashtag #TDMMM so I can easily find you and your picture. Let’s get these new patients this week!


What I mentioned in this mornings episode:

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Posted by The Dental Marketer on June 30, 2017

#69: What every dentist needs to know immediately about their Financial Advisor with Reese Harper

Image result for reese harper


Episode 69 has arrived! I am excited about this episode, I learned so much just listening to all the knowledge bombs Reese kept sharing on this episode. We talk about a couple things in episode 69. We uncover the importance of branding and one thing Reese mentions that I absolutely love is how can we identify our brand as a dental practice. Here is a good way: what you say “no” to… is your brand. This means if you are accepting everything and taking all kinds of excuses from patients of why they can’t make payments, taking every single insurance under the sun, trying to do every single procedure then what type of brand are you creating for your dental practice?! However if you start saying no to certain types of insurance, certain types of patients, certain types of procedures and you FOCUS more on certain insurance, patients, and procedures… then NOW you are becoming something! Now your dental practice is creating it’s brand that will attract the patients you want depending on your vision and what you are letting happen in your dental practice.



Reese also helps you spot out the phoneys, the fakes, the financial advisors who aren’t qualified and are really out there just to make money for their own benefit. Not many financial advisors are qualified to give financial advice, so how many are qualified to give financial advice to dentist?! Don’t just trust or go with anyone, you need someone who has been in that business for a long time, has case studies and proven track records, and has worked with a multitude of dentists from different ranges. You will see how Reese and I dive into this with much more detail. We also touch so many more topics that you, as a dental practice owner, have either thought about, is thinking about, or needs to think about when it comes to managing money.



After Reese Harper started a financial planning firm, he moved to a new neighborhood and became good friends with a dentist.  They talked about work, and over time, Reese learned how challenging it is to be a dentist, especially in certain areas of the country.  His friend ran a successful practice, made good money, and had a great team; however, he still had a lot of financial concerns.  It wasn’t like he was just scraping by, but it seemed like he should be doing better financially than he said he was.  It appeared too much money was slipping through his hands.


This got Reese thinking: if a financial advisor doesn’t understand how a dental practice works, how is he going to put together a good retirement plan for a dentist?  Dental practice finances and personal finances are just too closely related.  This is what inspired Reese to create a retirement road map for dentists and specialists to help them prepare for a secure retirement.


Today, the team of financial advisors at Dentist Advisors are helping dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons all over the country navigate personal and practice financial decisions.  With their knowledge of the unique challenges and financial issues dentists face, they’re able to help dentists avoid poor financial decisions, increase their wealth, and achieve financial freedom.




Dentist Advisors Website

Dentist Money Podcast






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Posted by The Dental Marketer on June 21, 2017

#68 The Blueprint to Opening Your Own Dental Practice with Dr. Ragini Singla and Moki Goyal



Do you have dreams of opening your own practice and don’t know where to begin? Getting started on becoming a dental practice owner can be overwhelming–especially if you are working full-time as an associate. Maybe you’re in the beginning stages or need help planning.


This week’s guests can show you how to make your dreams reality, with the least amount of headache.


Dr. Ragani Singla is the owner of Floss NYC, a successful practice located in the heart of New York City.


Her husband, Moki Goyal is the founder of Practice Blueprint, a company designed to help you in every step of opening your own dental business.


This episode is refreshing and exciting to hear if you’re thinking about opening a dental practice from scratch or taking over an already-existing practice. It contains a ton of useful information that you’ll want to hear with your team so you can implement some of their techniques.



Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • 0:26 Opening Announcement: I’ll be attending The Business side of Dentistry Course this Friday, June 23, 2017, in San Diego. The course is about how to build a profitable dental business. Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS and Doug Fettig, MBA, CPA will be there with expert tips on growing your dental business. They’ll teach you systems you can implement in your hygiene department and give you a blueprint to accelerate your practice growth. You can get 6 CE credits for attending the course.

I’ll be podcasting at the event and can get you and your team in for FREE. All you need to do is shoot me a message at

  • 2:50 Have you checked out my blog lately? There’s a great article on how to market to your local post office and many other articles on ground marketing for your dental business. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram to join the Dental Marketer Tribe.
  • 6:50 Dr. Ragini Singla gives us her background of going to dental school, working in a busy 20-chair practice in New York City, and her dream of starting her own practice.
  • 9:00 Moki Goyal is Ragini’s husband and comes to us from the tech space. He does website development and video production. He managed the team who built the online education platform, Edulance.
  • 9:42 Moki and Dr. Ragini have created an online course called Practice Blueprint. It helps dentists start practices by providing everything you need to know.
  • 10:30 Why the most difficult part of starting Floss NYC was making her own brand out of an already-existing practice.
  • 12:45 How to trust yourself and be the dentist you want to be.
  • 14:45 Practice Blueprint is a course that maps how to go from being an associate to being a dental practice owner.
  • 15:50 Two things that plague new dentists: Not knowing what to do, and the fear of failure.
  • 17:45 How Practice Blueprint got started.
  • 19:12 How to deal with the distrust dental patients have when they walk through the door.
  • 21:12 Consistency is key.
  • 21:52 Improving the diagnosis process system.
  • 23:16 How to sell Invisalign without being salesy.
  • 28:41 How to improve patient experience and how to communicate with other staff when the patient is present.
  • 31:21 How Ragini runs productive daily team meetings.
  • 31:48 Ragini discusses the one thing she’ll never do again and why other people’s advice didn’t work for her.
  • 33:13 How to overcome mistakes.
  • 35:00 Trusting the entrepreneur and dentist within yourself.
  • 35:45 Do things that fit your personality to avoid skeptical patients.
  • 36:25 What should daily staff meetings consist of? Ragini tells us her method and why she prefers to schedule them in the afternoon instead of the morning.
  • 40:22 Why the iTero Intraoral Scanner is the best thing Ragini has implemented to make a profit in her dental business.
  • 44:17 Moki suggests creating goals that the whole company can follow, so you don’t have to build the wheel every time you need to make a decision.
  • 46:25 Details about Practice Blueprint and how it helps dentists with the entire process of becoming a practice owner.
  • 48:38 Afterthoughts: Talking to Ragini and Moki was as refreshing as a glass of iced tea on a hot day. Be sure to read the latest blog post and email me at if you want to get in free to The Business Side of Dentistry Course this Friday, June 23, 2017, at the Hilton in Mission Bay (San Diego).





3 Main Ideas


Make Your Own Brand


Dr. Ragini Singla advises dentists to be true to themselves when building a practice. She says to make your own brand and don’t be afraid to say when somebody else’s system is not working.


It comes down to trusting yourself and to not be afraid to make mistakes. You can build a great system and practice if you figure out what works for you and your patients.


Like she says, “You have to figure out what dentist you’re going to be. You don’t want to be the next great dentist who works down the street. You want to be the next great version of yourself.”



How to Sell if You’re a Dentist


Ragini and Moki shared how to sell the high-ticket product, Invisalign. They say to educate the patient by showing them intraoral photographs and then talk to them about the problems of having misaligned teeth. When they see and understand the consequences, they will come to you for help on how to solve the problem. Then you can present the solution.


This is one of the best ways to sell anything because it allows the buyer to feel in control over the purchasing decision. It is an organic way to sell without being too salesy.


She said that telling patients that she’ll gather the payment from insurance pockets before theirs, and informing them about payment plans relieves them and helps build rapport.



Improving Patient Experience is Key to Building a Profit


Ragini says that if you treat patients like family members, they’ll trust you and profit will become secondary. It’s not that profit doesn’t matter. It only means that if you focus on treating the patient well and doing the right thing, it will pay off.


It’s all about improving the patient experience and having strategies and systems in place. When patients know you care about them and not only about numbers, it will build trust, and they will feel more comfortable.


A very special thanks goes to Dr. Ragini Singla and Moki Goyal. Thank you so much for joining me on the show!



Resources of The Week

  • Dental Practice Solutions’ Event: The Business side of Dentistry Course Friday, June 23, 2017, in San Diego. Email me at for free admissions for you and your team.






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Posted by The Dental Marketer on June 17, 2017

#67 Finding Better Coping Mechanisms with Dr. Alan Mead

Image result for the alan mead experience

Do you have a good way of coping with the pressure of being a dentist? For many dentists, the stress begins in dental school and continues throughout their career.


This week’s guest, Dr. Alan Mead, is the co-host of the Dental Hacks Podcast and large Facebook group, the Dental Hacks Nation. He’s a fellow dentist, owning a medium-sized practice in Saginaw, Michigan.


Alan shares his personal story of his addiction and amazing recovery. He also gives us some excellent advice about life and being a dentist.


This week’s episode is jam-packed with insights to dentistry and life in general. You won’t want to miss Alan’s inspiring story, so tune in and enjoy!



Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • 1:06 Opening Announcement: I’ve had questions asking how people can be a part of the Dental Marketer Tribe. The Dental Tribe hangout is on Instagram. Sign up for my exclusive newsletter or follow me on Instagram.

I share tips and strategies for your dental business, and you’ll see some of my personal life as well. Also, have you gotten your free personalized report to see how many new patients you should be attracting weekly? It will help you determine if you are on track to grow and profit with your dental business.

  • 2:52 My valuable advice to dentists: Market to the right people and focus on a niche within dentistry.
  • 3:41 If you’re not targeting this group of people, you could be missing out.
  • 6:10 Introduction. Alan gives us his background of being a father, husband, dentist, and podcaster. He also discusses being a recovering drug addict and being chairman of the Michigan Dental Association’s Care and Wellbeing Committee.
  • 9:12 Alan talks about running the practices four days a week and podcasting most nights.
  • 14:02 How Dental Hacks began from his love for podcasts.
  • 16:05 How he met his podcasting partner, Jason Lipscomb.
  • 19:35 Alan talks about his latest podcast, the Alan Mead Experience, and the Dental Hacks Facebook group, Dental Hacks Nation.
  • 23:05 He discusses the pay for dentists and why he’s satisfied with his job choice.
  • 23:40 Why dentists today don’t like being dentists.
  • 24:48 How his practice still does well, despite him spending most of his mental capacity on podcasting.
  • 27:05 How his podcast is popular because they are regular guys.
  • 27:20 He loves the basics when it comes to dentistry: Drilling, filling, and billing.
  • 29:50 Freedom from debt makes it possible to do fun things.
  • 31:41 The one technique that increases profits for him: Dental microscopes and he’s obsessed with them.
  • 33:37 When you show people their teeth in HD live video, they are blown away. Alan talks about the best microscopes to buy for the task.
  • 39:23 Alan discusses the one thing he’d never do again: Use drugs and alcohol to cope with the stress of being a dentist.
  • 46:08 His personal story about addiction and how he broke through to the sober life.
  • 51:14 Alan discusses two primary coping mechanisms dentists can do instead of drinking and drug use.
  • 54:00 Why dentists need to be money-wise with their purchasing.
  • 56:12 Alan’s $12,000 purchasing mistake.
  • 59:20 Consultants and who is coachable when it comes to implementing change.
  • 1:02 Why you should seek fulfillment from places other than dentistry.
  • 1:04 Alan mentions his favorite podcasts.
  • 1:06 Gives information on how to join the Dental Hacks group on Facebook.
  • 1:08 Closing. I have a special question for my listeners: What podcasts do you listen to? Message me on Instagram and let me know which are your favorites!



3 Main Ideas


Don’t Seek Fulfilment

One of Dr. Alan Mead’s best pieces of advice was not to seek fulfillment in your career, and that includes dentistry. It’s possible to run an excellent dentistry practice and have outside interests at the same time.


He says that careers come and go, and to have another source of fulfillment. That could be your family, a hobby, a fun side-gig, or volunteer work.


It’s the expectation that often leads to disappointment. When we don’t expect as much from our careers, we can be more satisfied and happier in life.



Find Another Coping Mechanism Other than Drugs and Alcohol

Alan shared very personal details of his drug addiction while practicing dentistry and discussed his road to recovery. He says that his addiction began with alcohol in dental school and that drinking is very prevalent among dentists.


When you face pressure in your career, it’s good to seek alternative ways to cope with the stress. Alan suggests exercise and talking to a friend.



Be Careful About Your Purchasing Decisions

You’re most likely bombarded with advertising as a dentist. You want the best equipment for your practice, but you feel pressured by sales staff and other factors.


Luckily, the internet makes it possible to see product reviews and other information. Alan suggests doing your research on the web before you buy. Don’t be swayed by what a salesperson tells you, and be skeptical of all advertising material.


A very special thanks goes to Dr. Alan Mead. Thank you so much for joining me on the show!



Resources of The Week

Dental Hacks Podcast

Dental Hacks Facebook Group

The Alan Mead Experience

Michigan Dental Association’s Care and Wellbeing Committee

Contact Dr. Alan Mead at



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#66 Building Multiple Dental Practices on Proven Systems with Dr. Mark Costes

Image result for dr mark costes


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You have a dental practice you’ve built from the ground up. It’s going well, and you’re ready to add on to your operation, but how do you get there?


Dr. Mark Costes owns ten practices, is the founder of an extensive network of dental assistant schools across the U.S., and travels the world to educate dentists on how to reach their full potential.


He created his coaching company, Dental Success Institute to help dentists increase their revenue while working in their passion. He’s also a fellow podcaster over at Dentalpreneur.


Whether you’re ready to take your business to a multi-operation, or just want to hear what it takes from someone who’s currently doing it, you’ll want to listen very closely to today’s episode because you’re in for at least three major eye-openers.


Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • 1:10 Opening Announcement: I’ll be attending the Dental Practice Solutions’ Event Friday, June 23, 2017, in San Diego. The event is a course on how to build a profitable dental business, and they’ll teach you simple tools you can implement to maximize the potential of your practice. Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS and Doug Fettig, MBA, CPA will be there with expert tips on growing your dental business. I’ll be podcasting at the event, so come and say hi!
  • 4:13 Introduction. Mark gives us his background of his first business as a lunch truck caterer and how it took him three years and 21 attempts to get into dental school. He also talks about his practices, the Dental Success Institute, and his Dentalpreneur podcast.
  • 7:16 Mark talks about how he had to overcome learning disabilities and restructure how he absorbs information to push through to success.
  • 9:45 How his lunch catering truck experience far outweighed an MBA school program in terms of learning business knowledge.
  • 10:35 How his first business taught him tenacity, grit, and how to stick to it.
  • 12:07 Finding Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich at the age of 16 was a turning point that sent him on a journey of personal development, finance, and entrepreneurship.
  • 13:57 Why reaching his goal of a million dollars profit did not make him happy and why he sold the majority of his practices.
  • 16:42 How he created the Dental Assisting School Company to earn passive income.
  • 17:28 The idea caught on with other dentists and now has 186 school locations in 40 states.
  • 17:50 Having systems in place makes life less chaotic, even though he has much more happening today than in the past.
  • 18:19 Talks about systemization and gives valuable 8-Point Patient Experience system.
  • 19:28 Mark talks about being very intentional with finances.
  • 20:22 Why the E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber is like Mark’s bible.
  • 22:46 Discusses staff-dependence vs. system-dependence and which one you want to have.
  • 24:20 The one thing Mark would never do again: Duplicate a location without systems in place and without getting overhead down to 50% or less.
  • 27:57 Why some people are successful at having multiple practices, and some are not.
  • 29:00 How to find good employees and how to determine whether you have a staff problem or a leadership issue.
  • 31:23 Why you should limit negative people and surround yourself with positivity.
  • 32:40 Mark talks morning routines and mentions Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning, and Hal’s guest appearance on Mark’s 6-Figure Side Gig Podcast.
  • 36:32 Closing
  • 37:06 Afterthoughts: Mark’s morning routines are very intriguing. What is your morning routine? Do you wake up and rush to work or do you practice things like meditation in the morning? I want to hear. Message me on Instagram and let me know!



3 Main Ideas


  1. Having Tenacity and Pure Grit. Mark’s talking about having applied to dental school 21 times really hit home. It was interesting to hear him talk about his learning disability and how he just needed to restructure the way he learned information.

Had Mark given up on school or being a dentist, he wouldn’t have helped thousands of patients, dental assistants, and dentists through his practice, schools, and coaching programs. It was his perseverance and hard work that drove his accomplishments.

Too many times, we give up on our goals because of minor or major setbacks. Mark’s message is a good reminder to go after what we want and never to give up.


  1. Systems, Systems, Systems. It’s the reason why Ray Kroc was successful with McDonald’s and what all prosperous companies are built on. When you have good systems in place, you don’t need the most brilliant people on the planet to run them. Having systems means you can sleep better at night knowing that if a key employee leaves your operation, it won’t be detrimental.

Everything in your practice should run on a system: The front office, the back office, how you serve patients, the financials, and everything else.

Mark recommends making an operations manual of your entire practice. Having the operations manual plus keeping the overhead at less than 50% is the key to opening a second practice.


  1. Staying Positive and Having a Good Morning Routine. If you’re in practice or you are getting ready to build one, you probably already know the importance of staying positive. Mindset makes a big difference to whether you can enjoy your dental business at the end of the day.

Limiting negative people and adopting a positive mindset is one of the most crucial steps to reaching your goals.

Mark said he starts the morning with a large tumbler cup of water, meditation, and a green smoothie drink. Then he “marinates” himself in positivity by keeping a gratitude journal and doing something creative, like writing.

Do you have a morning routine you like to do? How do you start each day with positivity? Message me on Instagram and let me know.


A very special thanks goes to Dr. Mark Costes. Thank you so much for joining me on the show!



Resources of The Week



Mark Costes Contact Information:

Website: True Dental Success

Email at

iTunes at Dentalpreneur podcast

Hal Elrod’s Appearance on Mark Costes’ 6 Figure Side Gig Podcast



Mentioned Books:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – free on Amazon.

E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber and E-Myth Revisited Audiobook.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod




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Quotes for Social Media:


“One of the biggest things that has led to our success in the practices and increased the profitability of the practices is really keeping a very close eye on the cash flow and overhead in the practices.” – Mark Costes



“You have to surround yourself with people that have your best interest at heart, and that will give you honest answers, and that are successful.”—Mark Costes