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Posted by The Dental Marketer on September 29, 2016

Podcast Episode 008: “Help me attract new patients through Instagram”!

In this episode we crack down on Instagram! I mean, let’s be real here… the main reason your dental practice has an Instagram account is to attract new patients, right?


Social Media marketing is huge and is growing day by day.. buuuut for some reason most dentist don’t see it!


Could this be because you are doing it all wrong? Or maybe you are lost in this aspect of advertising your dental practice through social media?


Well, let me share with you a couple of things I see most dentist/ or dental staff doing wrong on their dental practice’s Instagram account. And let’s see how you can turn that around to market and advertise your practice properly.


Doing this will help you to ultimately attract new patients through Instagram!

So listen up!



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Posted by The Dental Marketer on September 27, 2016

Podcast Episode 007: 4 Ways To Rapidly Increase Your New Patient Referrals.

Hey guys! In episode 007 we dive into how to increase referrals through dental marketing.


When your existing patients refers their friend, family, or co-worker to you; that shows a sign of trust from your existing patient.


This also means that this referral is WAY more likely to be a loyal patient looking for a good dentist because their friend or family who they trust (which is your existing patient) is referring them to you!


So why wouldn’t you try to get more new patients though referrals!?


In this episode I give you 4 guaranteed ways to increase your new patient referrals.


Listen to see how I break these 4 ways down so you can start implementing them into your practice; and this way we can greatly increase your new patient flow!




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Posted by The Dental Marketer on September 25, 2016

Podcast Episode 006: What every dental office manager needs to hear.

Here we go with a motivational episode!


In this episode I talk mainly to the “Office Leaders”.


I express how managing and leading are two completely different things. This episode was inspired by a quote I read on one of my Instagram post.


You office managers, set the tone and pace of the dental office, make sure they’re setting a successful tone!





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Posted by The Dental Marketer on September 21, 2016

Podcast Episode 005: How to market your dental practice effectively to your local schools.

In Episode 005 we talk about how to market your dental practice effectively to public schools and private schools.


We know the teachers, staff, and most of the school district’s employees have great dental insurance so why wouldn’t they be a main target to try and attract to your practice?


Here I give you a couple of scripts you can use to get into the local school health fairs and events that are happening in your local schools.


I also give you some common remarks and responses that you will get from the human resource (or whoever’s in charge) and how you can get around their response and still be effective in marketing your dental practice to them.
I also talk about marketing effectively to the parents and the students in the schools.


Pay close attention and playback this podcast as many times as you need to master this marketing technique/ campaign.




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Posted by The Dental Marketer on September 17, 2016

PODCAST EPISODE 004: If you’re marketing isn’t on point, you’re advertising won’t stand a chance.

In this episode I talk about, very briefly, a super common thing I see with many dentists and that is: advertising with no marketing behind it.


You have to know the difference between the two. However, most importantly, you have to get your marketing down right, in-office and out of your office.


Now, every dentist and dentistry is different so there is no one way to tell you exactly how to do your marketing. But you do need to invest time or money to get that down. If not you will literally go blind in your advertising hoping to get a return on your investment, which honestly, won’t happen. Then this will lead you to either copy what your competitors are doing (which doesn’t  make you different at all *refer to episode 002*), or will lead you worse situations struggling to maintain your practice.


Get your marketing on point, and advertise it.



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