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Posted by MMM on July 10, 2017

M.M.M. – TWO- Relationships


How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was a great one! In this episode I dive into with NO time to waste and we talk about….. Relationships! Specifically how to influence people with relationships. Just look at it this way, if you want your team to act willingly and do their job at their best level, this means you have to have some sort of trust with each team member and have a deep relationship with them!


Same thing with a patient. you have to build a relationship with the patient. Even if it is a new patient, TAKE YOUR TIME on the initial exams. Don’t EVER rush a new patient exam, if you could spend more time peeling back that banana peel to get to the good stuff inside the new patient and find out why they are at your dental practice, what they desire in their smile, who their family is, where they work, any fears or anxieties they have from previous dentists and so forth.


Building a relationship does not only create loyalty but it creates a MUCH HIGHER case acceptance! You create fans for your business as well! These fans become your marketers and bring in new patients through referrals, write outstanding reviews, and purchase much more from you!





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Posted by MMM on July 3, 2017

M.M.M. -ONE- Coffee Shops


This is the first ever Monday Morning Marketing! I created this segment to share a marketing strategy or tactic that you can start doing today! This is being done by popular demand so I definitely want to see you guys not just listen, but take action and try these tactics. I want all my listeners to WIN! So this is episode one of Monday Morning Marketing. Time to share my first marketing tactic with you.


This tactic is so simple but can do open SO many doors for you and not only attract new patients, but also create more bran authority in your community. In this episode of Monday Morning Marketing I teach you a quick technique on how you can attract patients from your local coffee shops! Very simple, and very effective. They key is to stick to the script I mention in the show and ALWAYS have a follow-up, meaning a reason to come back. In this episode I give you a reason to come back and how you can mention it!


We know Starbucks gives their employees great benefits so, if you’re dental practice is near a Starbucks, I definitely want you to try this tactic out this week! If you are not near a Starbucks, then no worries! Try it for any local coffee shop, go to all of them, and use this tactic.


Let me know how it goes and take pictures and put them on your Instagram, let me know you are working and marketing with this tactic. Use the hashtag #TDMMM so I can easily find you and your picture. Let’s get these new patients this week!


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