I love communicating and talking about how I can help attract new patients. Or maybe you have any marketing and advertising questions, concerns or just wanna chat....  I'D LOVE TO!


However, please bare with me. I have to podcast, coach, consult, market, blog, write, and learn to educate more every day sooooo let me give you some simple ways you can easily communicate/ contact me.


I am basically ALWAYS on Instagram so if you wanted to talk to me immediately or more one on one feel free to follow and direct message me here!

Find me on Facebook and LIKE the Facebook Page please! Anyways... I am here a couple times out of the day buuuuut if you join The Dental Marketer Tribe facebook group you'll get not only my answers to your marketing and advertising questions but the community's answers as well! So join the group and i'll see you there!

Find me on Twitter posting mainly about the latest updates on The Dental Marketer business. Also Twitter is where I get a lot of request to interview my guest..... so go ahead and follow my twitter and if you want to be a guest on the podcast, let me know!